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8 weeks pg and run out of progesterone

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Help, big massive cock up due to hormones. I'm 8w2d with twins following DE IVF and on crinone pessaries 2 x per day until 12 weeks. I put prescription in with Boots yesterday but they had to order in and I should have picked up today and I'm due my next dose tonight, due to feeling unwell and "baby brain" I completely forgot to pick up and by the time I remembered they are closed and don't open until Monday. Tried bigger boots store and they don't have it in stock but offered alternative of utrogestan or cyclogest if I could get Badger out of hours to do a prescription. Badger can't do prescription as is specialist medication that should only be prescribed via a gynae doctor. They contacted on call gynae at hospital I'm under who said it's not a drug NHS would prescribe under fertility treatment and there's no evidence it works and advise waiting until monday to pick up from Boots. They've suggested missing tonight's and tomorrow's doses should do no harm as there's no evidence the crinone was supporting my pregnancy anyway! Obviously I'm now worried something will happen due to missed doses....not actually sure what I'm asking here as there's nothing more I can do as my clinic is overseas in Cyprus and its Sunday tomorrow. Feel let down and I've let myself down for forgetting in first place. Can anyone reassure me?

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Don't beat yourself up. Lots of people are now told to stop when they get bfp or at 6 or 8 weeks. Just depends on the clinic. Your clinic will have an out of hours number you can call in the morning surely for reassurance Too? Xxx

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It’s true. I remember my clinic saying we could stop at 8 weeks as that’s when your body is supposed to be producing enough by itself. They said I could continue a while longer but that was only for peace of mind xx

Thanks! I just hope that at this stage it won't be an issue and missing until Monday morning won't cause any damage. Will see if I can get hold of clinic tomorrow xx

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Don’t panic lovely sure all will be fine xx just get on the phone to the clinic to ease your mind

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Where are you based and what strength is your dose? Someone near by may have some left over??? But like the other girls say, a lot of places advise to stop taking at bfp, 6 weeks or 8 weeks. Try not to panic if you get a little bit of light spotting, but do call the EPU/A&E if you do. Hoping everything is OK for you xx

With my first (singleton) I’ve been advised to stop taking progesterone at 9wks, so being at 8+ 2 I’ve already started weaning off the progesterone. You might be completely fine to wait till Monday but I do understand your concerns, try not to panic all should be fine😀 congratulation on your pregnancy 💝

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