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Thickening uterine lining for FET



Just a quick one... am taking progynova to thicken lining for a planned frozen cycle - I’ve been taking it for 2 weeks now and started it alongside a course of norethisterone to encourage to encourage a bleed to start off this cycle. However I’m not sure why but this time my clinic didn’t get me in for a baseline scan on Day 1 so even though I had a bleed about a week ago will my lining still have been thickening in the background or only starting to thicken once I stopped bleeding ? I’m only asking as if now been on about 6mg of Estrogen for 2 weeks but have no idea whether it only started thickening after it had completely shed...?

I have a scan tomoro and I just don’t want the lining to be terribly thin... 🙄

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I was In the same situation last week worrying over my lining. It took some time to get there and my dose of progereva was increased so if yours isn’t quite ready then they will probably just up the dose and give you another week...I’m not sure about the other medication your on though as I never had it.

Also I was told that red raspberry leaf tea, keeping your stomach warm with a hot water bottle and lots of vitamin e all help so worth a go.

Good luck xx

Thank you just hoping tomorrow is not a waste of time!! Xx

Ur lining will only start to get thicker after ur bleed.. ive just had my 2nd failed FET

I didnt get scannned at cd1 either mine was about 5 after bleeding started. My lining at baseline was 7.5m

midnight28 in reply to Mrsplant

7.5mm at baseline is good though isn’t it ? X

I believe your lining will only start to thicken after af. It’s surprising how quickly it can happen though, especially on meds. Good luck for your scan tomorrow xx

Hi just letting you know I am taking this and lining thickened after bleed I am on 10 mg of prog and now pregnant so don’t worry I don’t know about the other drug never used it good luck xx

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