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AF no show - AGAIN


So sorry for repeating myself, but I need advice again. Month before last, I got to day 42 of my cycle and went for an investigative scan which revealed a cyst as the cause. Consultant put me on the bcp for a month and I had the bleed after finishing.

Now I'm on day 40 again and still waiting for my natural af. I'd decided to have a break from ivf until the new year, so I don't know whether to call my clinic. They might want me back in for a scan and that will cost £200!

I did have a virus a couple of weeks ago, which may account, and have started dhea, ubiquinol and iron supplement, but I'm usually only late up to day 37 if its going to be late.

Don't know what to do, but desperate to see af as I feel bloated and tired and convincing myself this is start of menopause (although consultant said last time nothing he has seen so far would suggest that).

Grateful for any advice. (and enjoy Bake Off later 🍰). X

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I’ve no real experience of this problem but I’m hopeful that someone who has may be able to advise xx

Sorry I also have no advice.

Enjoying bake off! I love it 😊 xx

My period was a bit delayed after I started taking DHEA and my cycles went onto being a bit longer so it may just be due to starting this. I would hang off a bit until you contact your clinic, I wouldnt spend that £200 just yet as you're not starting treatment. I would wait a couple more weeks (my last period went awol until day 43 I think it was) and if it doesnt pitch up in the next couple of weeks then see your GP. Thanks for the well wishes on my post, much appreciated!xx

Thanks Cinders - that's good to know. I wondered if I should see GP, but thought they might just say go talk to your clinic. Feels wrong wanting af so much, but when I know its not not here for the right reason I'm worried that I'm developing further issues (if you can make sense of that sentence!). Xx

Hopfully not and remember even if your periods in the worst case scenario do go awol, there is always meds to bring it on to start treatment. Hopefully it settles down and as I said mine were a bit longer after starting DHEA.xx

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Just joining in on your chat! - do you know the name of the meds that brig on a period, and is it OK to take right before treatment? It doesn't screw hormones up? Just curious x

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Its so frustrating waiting on periods isnt it, especially when they dont show up when they are meant to. I see below that you started DHEA, I was just saying that actually made my cycles longer when I started it. You can go on the pill to regulate your periods....I know sounds silly when we're trying to get pregnant so not many of us as keen to do that. There are a few other things that the clinics can use to induce bleeding by down regulation or progesterone, when withdrawn which can also bring on bleeding but this wouldnt be done routinely and depends on your clinic.xx

Hi giant panda, I had this nightmare recently. My cycle got to 52 days. I was hoping to start treatment and was also freaking out I could have started menopause. It seems I haven't but I did have a cyst on one ovary. I had also recently restarted dhea, so perhaps that is part of it. The cyst has caused my recent cycle to be cancelled. They advised me they expect it to go and things to get back to normal in the next month or two. If I were you I probably wouldn't go for another scan, wait and see a bit longer. Xx

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Thanks Magda. I woke up in the night with pains and indications this morning say af will arrive this afternoon - so I am feeling very relieved! You were a trooper getting to 52 days! I think I must have had another cyst, or it must have been the dhea like Cinderella said. My mum started mp at 42 and that's the age I've just turned, and although hers was due to a thyroid problem, I'm terrified. Plus GP told me I would in the next few yrs based on my initial hormome profile a couple of yrs ago. Probably should listen to my consultant over gp though.

I'm sorry your most recent cycle was cancelled - that's so frustrating. I hope yours will balance out in the next couple of months. I'm hoping to go back to clinic in the new year. Let me know how you get on. Xx

This isn’t much help I know but I wanted you to know wonky periods and worrying about menopause , well you are not alone I so feel you on this ! I had my second miscarriage this year in June and waited seven weeks still no AF. After going back they did a second d and code retained tissue, bleed for two days afterwards. Ten days post second d and c had a bleed that was four days proper period like bleeding but much much lighter and then six days brownish discharge (sorry for tmi!) called my consultant and he said prob a proper cycle since I had no HCG for well over four weeks before the second d and c. My cycles are normally always 28 days with ovulation on day 14. No ovulation this month and period arrived on day 32. Again very light. So confused and un sure as to what is going on! Tired of unwanted intervention so going to wait yet another month.

It’s horrible to sit the month waiting, waiting and on top of that worrying about getting older with menopause always in the back of your mind. Sending u hugs and hopefully someone knows more to help 😊

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Hello Busygirl; thanks for your reply and support. I'm so sorry to read what you've been going through. I can't imagine how you feel, but get that after all of that you just want to be left alone to see if things sort themselves out - and I hope they do. Us ladies have so much to deal with in the lifecourse. I think sometimes my dh doesn't really get why I freak out so much about mp. It's not just the end of fertility, but all the other stuff that goes with it. Everytime I feel a bit warm, I'm frantically checking how everyone else in the room feels. 'I feel hot? Do you feel hot?!'

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me when you've got that going on. Much love. Xxx

Thanks to everyone for your replies. Af should be fully here this afternoon thankfully! Hopefully next month will get back to normal. I'm glad for the advice to wait before going for a scan. You ladies have saved me £200. I think I shall apply shopping logic and put some of that saved money towards a new top for the weekend 😁😉. Xxx

Great news! A new top sounds like a lovely logic, love that! Ha ha ha xx

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