Jeez c'mon AF!!!

Hi everyone!

So I haven't been on here for a few weeks as I've been off enjoying myself since my 1st icsi resulted in a bfn on the 28/3. I'm due to start the countdown for an FET this week but my af hasn't shown up. It was due on Tuesday...???

Now I know I sound like I'm being impatient (which I probably am!) and I know our cycles can be irregular for a few months after ivf but what I'm confused about is that I'm getting some of my normal af symptoms but just no cramps or spotting and definitely no bleed. Instead I had my usual pms signs on time at the weekend...although worse than usual (I cried happy tears watching the London marathon!) and I have been feeling utterly exhausted since Saturday (which I usually only get the day before af)...This exhausion is getting worse and worse each day!

I've had a look on online and I can't find anyone else having a late af but still having some af symptoms so thought I'd ask you lovely lot if you'd experienced this and if so when did af finally arrive?

Thanks lovelies xx

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  • Hi Oakey,

    This is completely normal after a failed cycle it can take a good few weeks for your body to get back to normal. I've been tracking for ovulation as I need to have a blood test one week after ovulation. Following ovulation up to your period (luteal phase) is 12-16 days ish. I'm on day 23 and still no ovulation so I know my period will be late I know it's frustrating but try not to worry after all the drugs and forced ovulation the body needs a little time to right your own hormones xxx

  • Thanks Oliverl,

    It's so annoying how af always arrives on time when u don't want it to. We had all our dates planned out for fet and I've managed to book holiday and work trips around it's all up in the air again! We booked our holiday in July 10 days after we would have had our 2nd result and now my hubby can't change it as every one else has booked off for the rest of summer. We also have a holiday booked for our wedding anniversary in august and I have work trips to Spain, Romania and China booked for July and August was all planned perfectly but now as usual my stupid body doesn't behave itself grrr (sorry for the rant!) xx

  • It's rubbish isn't it! Apparently this is a really common problem I've heard of people taking up to 8 weeks (sorry). I hope AF arrives soon bloody bodies and I hope you can work everything out around your dates.

    If I put my nurses hat on ch319 is right the advice would also be to check your not pregnant xx

  • Thanks Oliverl...I know I should take a test but can't bear seeing a negative (silly I know!) I'd rather give it at least a few more days...especially as all my af symptoms are there. I'm seeing my acupuncture man tonight (haven't been there since the bfn) so i'll see if he can do anything to gee things along.

    8wks for af?! Wow I hope I don't feel this rubbish for another 4wks...can bearly stay up past 8pm atm and struggling to get out of bed too...these are sure signs af is imminent for me (it's just being slow this month as I'm usually only like this 24hrs before) All my symptoms have been spot on until Tuesday when she didn't show up! xx

  • Do a pregnancy test to be sure put your mind at rest

  • I really don't think it's maybe I'll give it another week and I'll consider testing (I didn't even test in my 2ww lol) xx

  • This won't be overly helpful. But mine came early which caused me panic... I was set to try after being 33 as apparently according to my acupunturist is when I enter the nurture stage of my life. Stupid I know! But having emailed my consultant about timings I have managed to book my fet in on my birthday. Also AF is very angry this time... I was very angry and emotional at the weekend but didn't even think it was pms as too early. Had to apologise to hubby... Think he said I was obnoxious. Anyway it won't go as planned as it never does. Good to hear from you... I hope you had a good break from it all. Xxx

  • I was a week late this time and had all sorts of weird symptoms and again like you had plans for holidays etc that were all on hold till af arrived. It will come just takes body a while to get back to normal xxx

  • Thanks...glad I'm not the only one! So annoying cos I know it's there...waiting to pop up at the most inconvenient moment. I can feel it but not feel it (yeah I sound like a crazy!) cramps still, no spotting but the tiredness has gone, so has the pmt but I so feel the tiniest bit full like about 5% of how I feel before my af begins. I have my parents coming to stay tomorrow for the weekend so no doubt it will make an appearance then and make me feel like poo! xx

  • Yay!! So it appears I've started spotting today so af should be here today/tomorrow....never been so glad to see it!! Should mean my 2ww will be just before my holiday now and not during it...Thank goodness for that!! 😃

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