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After two failed FETs


Hi ladies,

I hope you are all doing well. I haven't posted on here for a while, been having a pretty down time since my second failed FET recently and trying to make sense of it all. All my blasts have been top grades and hysteroscopy has shown that my uterus is normal so not sure why my embryos are not implanting when my "only" issue is apparently tubal factor? I'm seeing my doc on Friday and have made a cheat list of questions / new things I could possibly try for my third FET:

- Embryo glue - worth trying?

- Endo scratch - worth doing?

- Assisted hatching?

- Taking aspirin?

- Any way of doing further tests on embryo quality?

- Using progesterone injections (as opposed to pessaries)

- Lovenox? (this has been coming up a lot in my research)

- Immunology testing / Beta-3 integrin

- ERA testing

- Measuring my lining (never actually been done for either of my natural FETs)

- Should I try a medicated FET this time?

- Should I transfer two embryos?

Is there anything else that I could include on this list?

I would feel better leaving the appointment knowing that I'd touched upon all possibilities.

Thanks in advance for your help and a lovely evening to you all.


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Hi my lovely... sorry to hear things haven’t worked out just yet. I had a similar issue and had one of my tubes taken away. My first transfer failed with hydrosalpinx present in one tube... I had that tube taken away and had a frozen medicated transfer with 2 top grade embryos and one took and I’m now 17 weeks which I pray and thank god for every day. What I’m trying to say is if I had transferred one embryo would I be pregnant now? I don’t know? I know they say the risk of multiples etc but I really would go for 2 just because from my experience it worked.

The journey is tough and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone so I understand your pain and frustration.... but as you say your uterus is fine and your issue was tubal so I still believe you have a very good chance and you will get your turn 💕💕

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Thank you so much and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I had my hydrosalpinx taken out before starting IVF so I am gutted that it still hasn't worked for me. I really am leading towards pressing for two embryos to be transferred now, especially with your story! I also wouldn't be against having twins :) xx

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I would really press for 2 as that may give a better chance... although research into this is stating otherwise.... I also drank pomegranate juice everyday after transfer for 6 days... ate pineapple core and also had acupuncture on the day of transfer before and after... not sure what helped to be honest I just did everything i found on this forum....

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Yes i've also read conflicting research on transferring two, but my two single transfers so far haven't given me better luck either so might as well go for it. I also had acupuncture on day of transfer and was eating brazil nuts. Didn't do the pomegranate and pineapple so may add them to the diet next time. Thank you!

I think you’ve just about covered anything I would have thought of to ask about. In regards to the add ons such as the glue and scratch then take a look at the HFEA website. They give honest and independent advice on all add ons using a “traffic light” system. I hope you get some answers xx

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Thank you so much, reassuring to know i've covered most things. With all the research that i've done (and i've done A LOT) I am yet to check out the HFEA website so will have a look. Hope everything is well with you xx

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I’m not too bad thanks xx

NK killer cells could also be something to consider.. Instead of going for the expensive NK Killer Test, you can request to have the serum medication anyway. (Intrapilids) Could be useful for anyone wanting to throw everything at first time or if you have had implantation issues / chemicals previously

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