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Quick question...

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I am on holiday in Cyprus and have had donor eggs collected on Tues. Does anyone k ow what day on my cycle I will start the Progynova tablets? I have to let the clinic know on day 1 of my cycle and they will tell me when to take the meds. I have started with some spotting and period cramps about a week early and have no meds with me! Am worried we will have to wait another month! Has anyone been through a donor cycle that knows when the meds start? This is our first donor cycle so have no idea! Thank you in advance xx

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Hi Hope4usall

I'd suggest contacting the clinic again as they will have all the details of your cycle timing.


Hello, our clinic likes me to start taking Estrogen on the 2nd day of my cycle but other clinics maybe different. They also say it should be normal flow and not spotting so you might still be okay for this month. Fingers are crossed for you, All the Very bestxxx

I was panicking this month as I started my period earlier than we had forecast but when I called the clinic they reassured me that progesterone (for me progynova) can be started between day 1 and 3. Usually my clinic start on day one, but this time it was day 2. When are you due back?

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Not due back till Saturday late evening about 11pm so that will be end of 2nd day of cycle. Still not quite normal flow yet but it feels. Likes it's coming. Typical... I can't remember the last time I started on day 24 of cycle!! I need to check back on my emails as I feel I've read something that says the Progynova can be taken day 1-3 so maybe I could take it on day 3. I'll email them tomorrow when I know period had definitely started xx

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Camillage in reply to Hope4usall

I would get in touch with them just for peace of mind. That way you can enjoy the last day of your holidays. Eother that or they may be able to get a prescription over to you there for you to get some progynova just to tide you over xx

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