Quick update

Sooo here we are finally in Greece.

Egg donor had collection today and we got 11 eggs. Met the team at the clinic who were amazing from the start.

Waiting on call tomorrow for update on eggs. Every donor cycle they perform ICSI even if not required just an extra measurement.

So here hoping.

Good luck to you all and congrats to this with the positive.

For those in limbo on on the 2ww wishing you BFP

FOr those that have had bad news be kind to yourself

And for the pins cushions and pill poppers hang in there 😘

8 Replies

  • Just wanted to wish you lots of luck, hope you get good news!

  • Hi Tamtam1.  All looking good and very positive so far.  Keeping everything crossed for fertilsation and embryo transfer.  Diane

  • do let us know how you get on lots of luck and best wishes xxx

  • Yay exciting news, and better weather good luck x

  • Good luck Tamtam xx

  • Wishing you the best of luck xxx

  • 11 eggs is great, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a good fertilisation rate.

  • Good luck xxxxxx

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