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8dp5dt cramping and bleeding


What a day !!!! This morning I had a very small bleed which was reddish/brown and stopped almost as quickly as it started. Then followed strong period like cramps which have continued all day. At 7pm went to do my pessary and there was more blood again in my liner reddish/brown again but quite a bit more than this morning. Absolutely devastated as think I'm out but I'm clutching at straws I suppose and asking if anyone else has experienced this and gone on to get a bfp. This is my first cycle of icsi so have nothing to compare this too. Also official test date is Friday but I'm thinking of testing tomorrow as I cannot rest and if I see a negative test it might help me come to terms with it. 😔

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It's normal to get bleeding using the pessaries. Make sure you call your clinic - they may up the meds or suggest taking the pessaries anal?

At about 7dp5dt last time I had some blood which I now believe was implantation bleeding.

The problem is that symptoms are the same for positive and negative.

I really hope you get your bfp. Good luck xxx

Leannefb in reply to Camillage

Thank you for replying. I use the pesseries rectally so assumed the spotting wouldn't be down to them but I will definitely call the clinic tomorrow for advice xx

Camillage in reply to Leannefb

Good luck. It must be implantation then 😉

Sorry to hear this. We're in the same camp. I had a bit of spotting D5/6 then stopped and have felt like pmt/af/cramps, boobs not sore any longer and I've spent most of the day upset as more spotting this aft. I'm going to test tomorrow as I've had results d9p5dt previously, but not hopeful.

I hope you get the result you wish for x

Leannefb in reply to Stepharni

Thanks for replying. Good luck for tomorrow too 🤞 xxx

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I think at this stage it could still go either way. You’re not out yet so fingers crossed you could still get your positive 🤞🏻 xx

Unfortunately this morning AF has definitely arrived it's over for me this time. Heart broken 💔

Barbara1012 in reply to Leannefb

Sorry to hear this love. I had the same thing on my first cycle. It’s an awful end to such a positive beginning. Take the time you need to come to terms with it and then plan your next steps. Take care of yourself and all the best. Sending hugs xxx

Leannefb in reply to Barbara1012

Thank you. I'm sat here trying to figure out what I've done wrong to not have made it at least to testing date. I feel broken xx

Barbara1012 in reply to Leannefb

You really didn’t do anything wrong. Once transfer happens it’s out of your hands love. I found a good a cry helped a bit - more than anything though was a a review consultation with the clinic. It helped me to understand what went wrong and plan my next steps. It’s hard and feels shit. I was convinced it would work first time - I was 36 with unexplained infertility, so thought I was just unlucky. I think it’s just a massive lottery. Please don’t blame yourself though, no amount of Brazil’ nuts and pineapple or rest would have made a difference.

I am due to start my frozen cycle as soon as period starts next month - planning this has helped me move on from our BFN.

Please take care xxx

genten in reply to Leannefb

I'm so so sorry. It's just awful and it really is heartbreaking.

You've done nothing wrong so please don't blame yourself. xxx

Cinderella5 in reply to Leannefb

Really sorry Leanne! Its horrible when this happens....I had this twice before test day! Take some time to be kind to yourselves!xx

Leanne I am so so sorry to read this update. Be kind to yourself xx

So Sorry to hear it hasn’t worked out. Have you done a test anyway?

Take some time to look after yourself and then in a week or so you may want to start thinking about your next steps xxx

I have just spoke to the clinic who have said to continue with pessaries and test on Friday as planned seems so cruel when I already know the answer but I'll do as I'm told and pray for a miracle 🙏

Camillage in reply to Leannefb

We are all here for you and praying, amd also sending massive hugs.

Sorry to hear this Leanne, it's heartbreaking when you've done all you can. Rest assured that is the case and the embryo just wasnt 'the one' this time x

Hi Leanne,

Hope you are ok! I know exactly how you are feeling I started bleeding 3 days before test day. I felt like I was a let down because I couldn’t even make it to test.

I’m now 2 months down the line and gearing up to start it all again. The first few days are the hardest but you will get through it!

Sending love and hugs your way x

I hope your okay leanne sorry to hear this, I have gone through exactly the same thing now looking at next stage of ivf abroad as I'm not happy with the way things went with fertility docs. I went through the same as you earlier this year and still have sadness deep inside. It's hard to think positive but keep pushing yourself to think happy thoughts, positive vibes you and your partner, don't feel like you have to explain to friends and family, eat chocolate go out and most of all let yourself relax hun.

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