Bleeding and worried

So had my two bfp, and scan showing our little miricals heart beat at 7 weeks. But had some fresh blood after intercorse which I've seen can be normal, (but won't be doing that again for a while) it did turn to brown and stopped yesterday and now this morning have more brown bleeding!? I'm getting a little worried. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Have you called your clinic? If they won't do another scan then get yourself along to your nearest early pregnancy unit and let them know what has happened, explain they are IVF babies (I''m presuming they are) and I'm sure they will be happy to help xxx

  • Yes I did she said that because we have had intercorse that she would expect some bleeding but if continues contact early pregnancy unit. Yes ivf. Just want it to stop! Annoyed at myself x

  • Well you could argue your spotting this morning is a continuation so get yourself along there, if only to put your mind at rest. Don't be annoyed at yourself what's done is done now you can't change it. You'll probably find the staff at EPU friendlier than your clinic and they treat IVF babies a little more special so you shouldn't have a problem getting a scan xxx

  • Thank you! X

  • Hi amie 1. I'm a midwife. Please don't feel bad, your cervix is extra vascular when you are pregnant and intercourse can cause you to shed some RBC's. The fact that it has turned brown and is not accompanied with abdominal pain is re-assuring. The restarting of the brown loss is old blood from the initial bleed, this is perfectly normal. Just monitor the loss and if it turns red (like a nose bleed colour) get in touch with EPU for re-assurance. You've done nothing, don't beat yourself up. It sounds normal xxx

  • Thank you for your reply, currently in a&e after having quite a large fresh bleed last night, waiting for the blood results. not really sure how to feel or what to think at the moment x

  • Hope everything is ok?

    I also suffer from bleeds, last one being last week and I'm 17 weeks. I always called my EPU or triage now, don't feel bad it's what they are there for x

  • Yeah I was going to call yesterday but settled, home now . hcg was normal so will go to epu Monday hopefully for a scan xxx

  • That's great, just take it easy over the weekend x

  • I hope that everything goes ok for you and it's just normal early pregnancy bleeding. Sending a lot of love xxx

  • I had a small bleed after intercourse around 11 weeks and a very heavy bleed at 17 weeks (like a period) after intercourse which lasted a couple days then brown for about a week. Both times our baby girl was ok. I was told by the midwifes that everything is swollen and when the cervix gets knocked can cause it too bleed. It's horrible and the feeling of worry takes over. As long as you are not in any pain then i am sure you will be ok. If you haven't had a scan I would insist for one just for reassurance! Good luck xxx

  • Thanks you all for your replies, I had a scan Tuesday that's what's so upsetting everything was going OK . I'm really hoping they will scam me Monday xx

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