8dp5dt, bleeding dark blood and cramping....😢

8dp5dt now. Started with a headache and cramping yesterday evening like period was on it's way. Woke up and still cramping and a visit to the loo showed dark brown blood.

Dr says IVF probably didn't work but to continue crinone even though trying that only brought out more blood. And to still test on otd which is 26th. I am so lost right now and almost losing the will to continue.

Anyone had a bfp after bleeding?

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  • Hi, so sorry your feeling like this. If it's dark in colour it is old blood, which from what my clinic said can sometimes happen also could be an implantation bleed which is why the doctor asked you to continue on the progesterone. I've read on many forums of ladies bleeding & getting bfp. Just monitor the amount of blood and colour. Let your doctor know if both change. I know it's very hard but try and relax as much as possible and remain postive, also get lots of rest. Good luck Xx

  • This doesn't look positive to me because I still have slight cramping and so far, I have filled a pad....thanks anyway.

  • Hey yes, my friend is pregnant with twins in Ivf just a month. She had 2 bad bleeds buy touch wood all OK so far. Good luck x

  • I wish it's so but I very much doubt this not even a positive hpt

  • Hey cuddles

    How you doing sweet?

  • Hey Tamtam1, I am hanging in there. I have just accepted fate but the nurse keeps saying it could turn positive on Thursday and to just continue crinone but I hate using it when it's bloody.....

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