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Need to plump up my lining

21st July I phoned the hospital with my period to start my medicated fet. 21st of friggin July and I'm still not close to embryo transfer!!!!

Had my lining check after taking 3 x 2mg of progynova every day for two weeks and my lining is only 5.4mm - to go back next week. 6 appointments so far before embryo transfer (if I ever get there). Who says frozen is easier than a fresh?!

I'm honestly so mentally and emotionally shattered right now.....

I've to up my dose to 8mg daily of progynova, any other tips on how I can thicken this lining of mine would be appreciated.


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Don't worry Laura... everythings gonna b fine...I wish u d best of luck....

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Thank you, I hope you're enjoying your pregnancy - congratulations! xxx

I had a nightmare with this too. Hopefully your lining will be helped by the increase of progynova. I tried pomegranate juice, beetroot juice (aquirred taste though), Vit E tablets from superdrug 800iu. Walks to try to increase blood flow, hot water bottles and hot baths! Not sure if anythign works but I got there eventually! Best of luck!xx

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Thank you will try the pomegranate juice and vitman E this weekend. I'm wondering if it's because I had a 5 day bleed when I started my Progynova so my body has only had a week or so to build up - I'm hoping that's what it is

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Im sure you'll see a difference at your next scan, its amazing what a few extra days can do!xx

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Hi LauraM1986. Acupuncture can sometimes help too. Have heard some good results from this. Hope all is soon resolved with the extra Progynova. Good luck! Diane

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Thanks Diane, just getting frustrated I think! xxx

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I'm sure you are, poor thing. Just got to try and be patient, it will grow. Diane

For my next fet they’re starting me on 4 daily progynovas and I’ve never had an issue with my lining, though I am thinking 4 sounds really excessive now 🤔 They also said if my lining struggles they can add in the hrt patches that I had for my medicated fet. Perhaps patches could be added for you? xx

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I'm wondering if it's because I had a five day bleed when I started the Progynova, which means I've only had 9 days or so to build up my lining. I've never had an issue too which is frustrating - just feels like another delay. I didn't even get upset I was just like 'ok' and back in the car I got, ha! How are you doing? xxx

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I’m not too bad. Still getting a lot of headaches and I’m still tired but maybe it’s the come down from the last cycle xx

Not sure if it's true but I heard that dark coloured juices - pomegranate/beetroot/prune (but maybe go easy on the prune juice!) are good to help thicken your lining.

Best of luck with your treatment x

Aww Laura 😢

I know it’s frustrating but try think of the positives.

Your body is responding but just taking a little longer than expected.

Slow and steady wins the race ❤️ xx

Snap! I could have pretty much written this post. My fresh cycle was stopped before transfer due to thin lining in June. I had to wait two cycles and I've now been on progynova 3x2mg for 17 days and I'm only at 5.4mm ( I was only 4.5mm on day 14). My clinic won't increase my dose, but are giving me to Sunday to reach 7mm or this FET will be cancelled and I'll need to wait another two cycles.

I've been drinking pomegranate juice, whole milk, taking vitamin E, eating Brazil nuts and pinapple core. Also doing yoga focusing on stretching that area. The last nurse in saw said she's seen women increase after drinking pomegranate juice, but did stress there is no medical evidence for it.

Just nothing has worked for me. I've found it quite devastating like my body is fighting against me. I've got the embryos just failing at the last hurdle.

I know it's really hard but all you can do is follow the clinics advice and try the suggestion these lovely ladies have given and hope (I'm saying this to myself everyday). Good luck let's both keep thinking thick thoughts! Xx

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Thank you for your response, it means a lot and nice to know I'm not alone in this. How did you get on today? Xxx

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Fertility feels very lonely but I've found this forum a wonderful place for advice.

Unfortunately my FET has was cancelled today. My scan today showed my lining hadn't got any thicker till stuck at 5.4 so I wasn't even close to 7mm. I am gutted but nothing is can do about it now. My clinic will now review my case and see what my next move will be.

I hope you have better luck. I will keep thinking thick for you !

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I'm really sorry, hopefully the clinic can review and get things right for you so things can get moving asap xxx

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Thank you.

My clinic says for best results to use vaginally so it’s at the direct source. Wishing you lots of luck xxx

Thanks everyone, vitamin e and pomegranate juice has now been bought and keeping everything crossed for Friday xxx

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