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Follow up after 1st failed icsi


Hi there,

We had our negative test on 29th August. Contacted clinic - south wales - to tell them. They said they would discuss our case in a team meeting with Dr, nurse and embryologist and decide on our next plan of action and then send me a letter for a follow up. We were on a long protocol. We got 14 eggs, 6 fertilised, 1 made it to blastocyst but wasn't the best grading. Any advice in what they may try this time? How long have people waited for their 2nd cycle?

Also has anyone else felt like they had a miscarriage when it's failed? I had a miscarriage in 2014, and was so surprised how mentally and physically this has felt like 1 again x x

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Hi 2018hopeful. So sorry to hear that your recent cycle failed, and I hope you’ve got lots of support just now. I just wanted to offer you my lists of questions to look through before your next meeting. If you email me in confidence to

I will send them to you when back in my office on Monday. Thinking of you. Diane

Hi I’m so sorry for your negative result it’s so hard to go through. I found my follow up appointment really helpful as they learnt so much from my first cycle they could tell me details.

Definitely ask as many questions as you can. If you had ivf for round one they may suggest icsi which is what I had for my first cycle. They also suggested I take dhea before my next cycle. Something for you to look up and maybe ask at your follow up. They also gave me menopur on top of my other injections and I also had a double trigger shot. So I’m sure there are lots of things that could be tweaked to help. Good luck I hope you get the answers you need xx

So sorry for your negative test.


Hey I’m sorry it didn’t work 💖 it’s all so tough. We did long protocol first time, so second time they changed it to short & gave me additional progesterone. Although unsuccessful I found the short protocol much ‘nicer’ and easier to live around. I’ve heard from friends of friends that they responded differently / better to different drugs, menopur or gonal f etc. All the best for your follow up and your mission 😊 xxx

So sorry to hear about your negative result, hopefully your clinic will have some answers/suggestions x

Sorry to hear of your negative result. I would recommend you get the list of questions that Diane is offering they helped me prepare for my follow up. Good luck xx

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