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ICSI failed

Hello all

I was just after some advice please - from anyone who might have been through this. My first ICSI cycle failed at the weekend, I got my period - I was due to test this Friday (11th). This was a fresh cycle - we had 5 blastcysts - we used one them and we froze 4. From what i have read the most likely cause of IVF failing is that the embryo / blastocyst was not 'strong' enough to implant and therefore stopped growing. My question is - does this mean that all our other blastocysts are all likely to be too weak as they were all made from the same batch of eggs / semen. If anyone has any information about this that they could share I would be incredibly grateful. I don't have an appointment with the Dr to discuss this until a week tomorrow. I'm devastated, I'm just trying to hang on to any positive thoughts really. Many thanks - and good luck to all x

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Hey lovey

So sorry for your news. If this is your first cycle try not to be too dis-heartened as they sometimes say it takes a fail to get it right. Don't over do the google it will have you all over the place thinking all sorts of things.

Sadly they really never know the answer to why it fails as I am on failed fresh cycle no 3 and no Frosties any of the time.

U could be the healthiest person on the planet and it may still not work.

Maybe out of that batch that wasn't the one is there any reason y you only went for the one transfer?

Anyways good luck with your other 4 😘


Hi Tamtam1, thanks so much for replying. I'm really sorry to hear you're on your 3rd cycle without any joy, you must have been through so much. We were only allowed to go for one transfer as it was our first time and I'm 35 (our fertility issues are my husbands).

I think next time they might agree to transferring 2. I just have a horrible feeling that none of them will be strong enough. I'm obviously just feeling really negative and unhelpful at the moment though - i need to snap out of it soon! It will be good to speak to the Dr next week. Thanks again for taking the time to help me today - it really helped. All the very best of luck to you x

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Hi blondietrying. So sorry to read that your recent ICSI cycle has failed. As a rough calculation you have a 50% chance of success using blastocyst transfers. If only we had some magic “blu-tak” to keep these little embryos in place! Reasons for implantation failure are hardly ever found, otherwise we would be even more successful. Just remember that an embryo that has grown to blastocyst stage is already meaning business, so with the modern freezing facilities (vitrification) that we use now, the 4 that are frozen stand a good chance of thawing and growing. They must have been healthy enough to freeze otherwise they wouldn’t have been. If you would like, I do have a list of questions I could send you (too long to add here). You could go through them before you go for your appointment next week, in case you see something you hadn’t thought of asking. If you would like me to send them, then email me at dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com and I will send them on. My emails are confidential. Diane


Hi Blondietrying. I'm really sorry to hear of your negative test. I also had a failed round of ICSI in August and was devastated. I saw the Dr soon after and was informed that my frozen embryos were actually of better quality than the 2 they put in. I did find this really difficult to accept but they didn't know this until day 6 blastocyst. I agree with Diane though that having a list of questions might help to get some answers, I do regret not making a list before going in.

I am now going through our frozen transfer and are due to have 2 embryos transferred this Thursday (fingers crossed they thaw). Ask your Dr about Endoscratch and Endoglue, we've had /having both along with Lupion injections which are also meant to help the embryo embed in the uterus.

I wish you all the best of luck with your other 4. Xx


Thank you boothy1883, I really appreciate you replying and thank you for understanding how I feel. I'm sorry to hear your first ICSI failed in August but I do take comfort from the fact that I am not alone. I'm hoping they will agree to transfer 2 embryo's next time for me too. I wish I didn't have to wait 3 months or whatever to try again though.

I'll definitely mention those things you said to the doctor - that's great advice.

Wishing you all the best for Thursday, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you - please do let me know how you get on xx


Good news for you! In a word, no. All embryos are different. It's difficult, I know, but try not to worry about your frozen embryos. Take each day as it comes - it's the only way. And do let us know how you get on. :)


Thanks Hepzibah, I'm trying to stay more positive, i do realise how fortunate i am to frozen embryos. I really appreciate you responding xx


It's very difficult, isn't it? We have 15 embryos in storage (Day 1). No idea of their quality. I am 43. Prior to that, we had 9 embryos genetically tested - all rated abnormal. All of this with ICSI. I am now at the stage where we are discussing options around the best strategy for transfer, etc. But I do worry, because I want to avoid pitfalls. There is so much to think about. I believe that there are no good embryos for me. But, I also believe that they are all different. There is much, much evidence around to support this. In my opinion, (re: transfer), despite the figures, from any particular 'batch' we would have the same chance of success with each transfer. Some embryos look below par, but survive and become beautiful babies. Others look perfect, and are chromosomally defective. I know this, as I had very good looking embryos (re: the first nine). Hang on in there! :)


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