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Trouble with pessaries


Hello! Just looking some advice. I’m 8dp 5d fet. I’ve been using cyclogest pessaries vaginally and it’s getting so irritated down there. When I checked my pad earlier it was a little brown. Wondering could this be related to me being sore with the pessaries. I had a faint line in pregnancy test earlier so bit worried. Anyone started using them rectally and it’s gettinh sore? Thanks

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I’ve been using them rectally and not had any problems in fact find them so much easier than crinone gel. It definitely could be down to irritation, maybe try them rectally and see how you get on xx

Fran35 in reply to E_05

Thanks for your reply. Think I will start tomorrow morning x

I've been advised to do them rectally. Hope it helps x

Fran35 in reply to LegoBatgirl

Great. I will give it a go then. Hopefully easier. X

LegoBatgirl in reply to Fran35

It seems so weird to type rectally on an internet forum 😂 I love that we ladies don't have to be embarrassed here and can just share about our bodies x

Fran35 in reply to LegoBatgirl

It is so true. Everyone is so open on this forum which are great. It is great because I couldn’t imagine having these conversations with anyone else lol x

The little bit of brown could be implantation too. Fingers crossed xx

Hi! I’ve done rectally last time and this time and had no problems, no mess at all. Bit weird doing the first one but then I don’t think about it. One thing to note- if you go to the ‘loo’ up to an hour after wards, clinic said to do another xx

I reverted to rectally and although not that nice it was def better. Lsss mess and much more comfortable and no more irritation x

I have the exact thing every time - I’ve found a small amount of barrier cream like sudocrem helps protect the skin from irritation xx

I've been using female fresh wipes to keep myself clean rather than loo roll this has helped to keep irritation down and also use Sudacrem

I had to use them for 2 weeks after transfer, had exactly the same problem. A lot of itching. Started using feminine wash instead of usual soap and eventually used a thrush cream which worked wonders. X

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