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Is anyone using the "applicators" that come with the utrogestan pessaries? I worry about them irritating internal areas but I also find they give me comfort when I don't see red... although now at 7dp5dt I am starting to freak out.... Eeek.

Hope you are all staying strong and positive xxx

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I had an appilcator when I used a different pessary and it really was uncomfortable. Id recommend ditching and just manually put it up there if you know what I mean! Ive used utrogestan this way and it was fine. Hard not to freak out but sounds like you still have your positive pants on so keep them firmly there....after your pessary session of course! ha ha haxx

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Ha ha ha. Thanks Cinderella5. I have to admit to losing my positive pants a little over the last few days - I would be really annoying if I was just skipping around all positive all the time ha ha. Luckily positive pants are not actual pants otherwise it would look a little odd walking around the shops / beach/ garden looking for my missing pants! 🤣🤣

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For sure!! Its usually my mind I lose when Im on the 2ww so you're not doing too bad! Ha ha ha xx

I always used the applicators because if you use these pessaries with the applicator then you don’t need to lie down after inserting.

I never had a problem with irritation of my cervix or anything, but then I was gentle with them! I find tampax applicators hard but these were fine.

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Oh interesting - as I lie here typing away - I hadn't realised that you don't need to lie down after using them! Doh! Best get up.... xx

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Only if you’ve used the applicator remember! If you do it manually then you still have to lie down. And there’s nothing to stop you lying down if you just enjoy the rest! 😘

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Hmmm, sometimes the applicators don't go as far as other times. And I am definitely not forcing them. I will just need to keep on resting he he x

I used the applicators never had any irritation or pain with them, I preferred them cause I knew they were high enough up there not to fall back out lol xx

Sorry I can't help, I'm using Cyclogest which are without an applicator. I'm just behind you at 6dp5dt! Counting down the days! Xx

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Eeek, good luck xx

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You too 🤞xx

Hi there,

I haven’t used the applicators yet but might do soon! I just wanted to say you have been doing so so well being calm and positive and I know you can’t be all the time - but try to stay strong and we are all routing for you for a good result very soon!

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Thank you very much x

Eek 7 days!! keep staying calm you are doing super well!! xx

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Thank you very much. All the support on here really helps x

Hiya, I had cyclogest pessaries which don’t have an applicator but it’s no bother inserting them manually x

I didn’t get on with these too well on my last round. I found they did irritate me and always came out pink twice a day. I’m sticking to cyclogest next time, besides I have loads of cyclogest at home already!

How are you doing otherwise? xx

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I am doing as expected really. Mostly calm but kind of like a roller coaster ha ha xx

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I get it. Hang in there. You’re doing great! xx

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Thank you so much Tugsgirl xx

I’ve found using it manyally is better. The. Umbers were better as I was able to get up further

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I am finding the accessories (let's call them that) are useful depending on how relaxed I am. But do worry about them irritating. On the other hand I feel that they are more clinical than manual - nd maybe for that reason better over all?

The cycle I did last didn't have applicators and I constantly stressed about whether I'd put them in far enough or if I'd lay down long enough!!

How are you going other than that? Xx

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I am ok considering - I guess that's the best answer. Had a right wobble last night but went for some more kineseology this morning so now I am Zen again. Ha ha.

How are you? Xx

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Sorry for delay in responding,I've been visiting a friend in Liverpool this weekend. I'm all good thankyou,on the countdown now!

Glad you are feeling zen again or should I say hope you still are!! Xx

I am using cyclogest so no applicator to worry about. Sounds like you're doing great! Hang in there...not long to go now. I'm 3dp5dt now ( wow is that all? feels like transfer was ages ago) and have really been trying to keep busy today, but am shattered now. I keep it good to have symptoms? or not to have symptoms? I've been hoping for a bit of implantation bleeding but zero. Argh!! We're going crazy together!! haha 😂

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Don't wish for implantation bleeding! Omg it is the most stressful thing as you think it might be but believe it's probably game over! It's a cruel tricky thing.

I have finally finally realised that there is no point in symptom spotting. The drugs we take give us pregnancy symptoms and they are all the same as signs of period too.

From my perspective I have no clue!

I had a bit of a wobbly evening into this morning but that was fixed when I went for kineseology session. Calm is now restored (as much as it can be).

Yesterday I nearly posted a depressed post but luckily had only pushed send once. Phew. I have decided I quite like the applicator as it shows me no blood, but then I worry that that is a bad sign. Eeek.

Right, enough rambling. Stay strong Hope4usall. Hopefully the weekend will whizz by and it will be otd before we both know it. Xx

thanks. Needed a bit of a kick up the backside!! Hope the positivity continues for us both now!! Have a lovley weekend. We need to remember no matter what we're feeling... it won't change the outcome. We may as well chill, and go along for the ride! xx👍😜

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Chill with a wine glass full of fizzy water 🤣

Hang in there!! :) no idea about pessaries, but loads of luck and love!! X

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Awww thank you xx

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