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Short cycles normal after cancelled FET?

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Last month my short protocol medicated FET was cancelled. I took progesterone for 4 days to bring on a bleed, which arrived on day 22. (My usual cycle is 30–32 days.) Hoping to get started on another FET (long protocol medicated) on day 21 of this cycle but I’ve been spotting brown blood for 3 days since day 15. So confused. I usually get up to 5 days of brown spotting before a period, so I think another period might be on its way. Is this normal? I’ve read of women having long cycles after a cancelled FET, but not short ones. Or perhaps the bleed I had after the cancelled FET was not a proper period?

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I've no advice I'm afraid but I hope you get to do your FET soon. xx

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Tyeuri in reply to genten

Thank you.

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Hi. Oh dear! You need to wait for 3 months to see if all returns to what is normal for you. If not then you need to be checked out. Hope all is soon back to normal for you. Diane

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