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Hi! I went to my consent appointment today and thought on my next bleed due any day now I’d be starting fet. The doctor had told me that it was okay to have the bleed after failed fresh cycle and then I could start on my next bleed. Nurse said they generally like two cycles after the bleed of failed fresh cycle. I was all ready and thought I’d be having transfer end of July but could be another month. She said she would leave it up to me to decide. All disappointed and not sure what to do. All I seem to do these days in obsess with dates in my calendar for planning purposes. I’m doing a medicated cycle.What did anyone else do? X

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I had a fresh failed cycle which obviously meant a bleed, then on my next bleed I was allowed to do a natural FET. I guess all clinics are different but mine said there was no need to wait longer.

I know it's exactly what you mean with obsessing with dates

Fran35 in reply to KB11

Thanks for getting back to me. All I do these days is obsess about future dates. This time I plan to take time off after. My clinic don’t offer natural fet otherwise I prob would have done that . Now in a bit of a dilemma as don’t want to ruin my chances but think I’ll just go ahead with this bleed.

Hi I had a fresh cycle in August which unfortunately ended in miscarriage in October. My cycle returned in November and my consultant said we could go on that cycle so we did, I started injections for medicated fet 21days later. This time round we could have gone straight away again but we left more of a gap as we wanted to go on holiday before transfer. Xx

Fran35 in reply to Penders

Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me what happened after the injection on day 21. What happens next? Want to know rough dates but I’ve come up not really taking it all in. X

Penders in reply to Fran35

So day 21 of my cycle I started buserelin injections, 2 weeks later had a blood test to make sure I was suppressed (I'd had a bleed during the two weeks) 2 days later had phone call to confirm I was suppressed and advised to reduce buserelin and start progynova tablets and oestrogen patches that day. 13 days later I had my thickness scan, 2 days after scan I started cyclogest pessaries, 3 days later I stopped buserelin and had transfer 2 days later. All in all from starting injections to transfer it was 37 days. It sounds like a long time but it wasn't too bad. Xxx

Noobs in reply to Penders

That’s really helpful! I was just about to ask the same question.x


Hi Fran35. decisions, decisions! I think if you feel you are up to it then there should be no reason not to go at the end of July. Huge luck with whatever you do decide and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

I had my bleed after egg collection then one period before starting my fet from a freeze all cycle with day one of my next period (medicated but not down regulated cycle). So a two month gap. My consultant told me the only reason the clinic ideally likes a three month gap is to have time to process the paperwork. My fet has become my 15 week pregnancy.

Thank you for your reply. So lovely to read your good news xx

Helo i had a fresh cycle end april -may sadly it resulted in a chemical pregnancy... we were offered the choice after my breakthrough bleed on next cycle we could go again or i could wait till ive had 2 bleeds we chose to pick up were we left of and im 3 days into my progynova already scan booked for the 2nd and all been well i start the pesseries and transfer on the 10th .... i felt ready to pick straight back up my clinic are happy with my decision xx

Fran35 in reply to Rachael_

That’s nice to hear you were able to start straight away. You always wonder whether you are doing the right thing. After 21 day injection how long do you wait for transfer? Xx

Rachael_ in reply to Fran35

All been well if one of my frozen embies is a 5 day blast ill have transfer on day 21 there are no injections on my frozen cycle just progynova tablets and pessaries this time 🙂 xx

I had my consultation yesterday after our first failed fresh cycle. Our next step is FET but I’ve been told I have to wait 2 periods after my initial bleed so can’t start down reg until after my August period - seems like such a long wait to me!! Our consultant said it was the clinic’s advice to give time for the body to prepare and would give us our best chance. The waiting is horrible as your whole life goes on hold. It’s interesting that clinics have different approaches...it’s difficult to know what’s right! xx

Fran35 in reply to Caza2009

Thanks for your reply. The doctor said it was ok so I’m hoping it will be. I’ve become so impatient as it’s seemed such a long wait. You are right you just feel your whole life is on hold and I don’t want to make any plans. I so hope the wait goes quickly for you x

Caza2009 in reply to Fran35

Thank you! I’m going to try and fill my time over the next few months and enjoy the summer. Good luck with your FET x

My fresh cycle failed at the beginning of May and I’ve got the drugs through to start FET after my July period. It feels a bit quick for me to be honest as you need to give your body and mind time. Although like you I feel like I’ve been obsessing with dates this year so I’m going ahead. X

Fran35 in reply to Noobs

I wish you all the best luck in the world. I might be around the same time. Fingers crossed x

Noobs in reply to Fran35

You too! Positive thoughts, let’s do this👍Xx

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