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Follow up today after failed FET


As the title says I have the follow up at 8am this morning.

No idea what to ask. 3 pregnancies that failed after implantation. Hcg never above 150.

Chicago immunes is one thing I will ask about.

I’ve seen some people have estrogen on a natural FET, why is that?

I’ve didn’t have a great bleed after the last early loss so wondering if my lining doesn’t get good enough although it was 7.5 ish I think at the last monitoring scan so it should have thickened more again before transfer.

I have 3 Frosties left, one that is a 5CC or a 5CD (clinic can’t seem to make up their mind as it’s written differently in each letter!) and then two early blasts which only reached gradings 2 and 2C by day 6 so they are slow.

I plan to transfer all of them together, as I’m not separating them and paying £1000 each time! Feels like their chances are low so no risk of 3.

Maybe ask for higher dose of steroids? And should I have gone for the aspirin since I declined it this time, since I was on clexane and have no blood clotting issues?

Just thinking out loud really but any suggestions welcome!xxx

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I don’t understand why they put ladies on blood thinners who don’t have sticky blood issues? Tommy’s told us that if there are no known issues that being on blood thinners can actually be detrimental. Even with a blood clotting condition they said it was fine to start thinners at 6 weeks. Our clinic used to prescribe taking aspirin as standard but they no longer advocate it, without a reason. Good luck for the follow up, I hope you get some answers xx

Orla9298 in reply to Tugsgirl

My two natural BFPs when I wasn’t on anything also failed around 8-10 days after positive test, then this one about 14 days after. I’m definitely going to ask about it and grill them why I should/shouldn’t be on them. I’ve asked for all my miscarriage results to be sent from the nhs clinic to the ivf clinic so hopefully we will have it all there to look at xx

vic77 in reply to Tugsgirl

I was on blood thinners with no know issues 😯why is this never straightforward seems to me like clinics all so different. that written down somewhere Tugsgirl ? xx

Tugsgirl in reply to vic77

I’m not sure if it’s written down Vic, only going by what the consultant at Tommy’s miscarriage clinic told us, that if you don’t have a blood clotting disorder then blood thinners can have a negative effect on pregnancy. And like I said, for that reason alone, my clinic won’t recommend aspirin anymore unless you have a condition, whereas they used to give it out as standard to everyone xx

Hi Orla,

Have you had a hysteroscopy to check everything’s looking healthy in your womb? That’s what my clinic are doing now after a few failures and an early miscarriage. Might be worth seeing if they recommend it x

Orla9298 in reply to Busybee88

Yes I did and all looked normal. Wondering if I should have a laparoscopy?

Busybee88 in reply to Orla9298

Worth asking I guess :) They should tell you if they don’t think it’s worth it. Hope it goes ok x

vic77 in reply to Orla9298

I was told if hysteroscopy normal then unlikely do a laproscopy xxx

Orla9298 in reply to vic77

Yes that’s what he said, and I’m glad really as don’t want unnecessary invasive stuff!

Hidden in reply to Orla9298

So sorry for your losses. 😢

I would definitely have a laparoscopy. It’s the only way to diagnose endometriosis. Definitely worth ruling out/treating. 👍

Good for for today. xoxo

Orla9298 in reply to Hidden

I wondered about endometriosis as you hear of people with zero symptoms finding it in a lap. I have no symptoms other than The last few years for about 4 days before my period i balloon uncomfortably and look 5 months pregnant and have “discomfort” shooting down my legs which didn’t used to happen. But I can’t say that’s any basis to assume Endo? I’ve had the hysteroscopy and he said it all looked normal inside.

Hidden in reply to Orla9298

I had a “normal” hysteroscopy & then had a lap n dye due to pain/infertility. Looking back I did have many tell tale signs I had it, not sure how it was missed for so long!

The bloating is classic & some ladies will have pain in their legs with endo.

I’m amazed it’s not standard fertility investigation to rule endometriosis out 🤦🏽‍♀️🙈 it doesn’t help it won’t show without a surgical procedure.

Some women have little to no symptoms it’s a very bizarre disease! And some with endometriosis will have no difficulties conceiving. xoxo

Hey Orla, did you do any genetic test on the fetus to determine whereas there was an anomaly with the embryo (I.e. Turner syndrome)?

Orla9298 in reply to clarecare80

No our losses were too early to have any tissue to test unfortunately. But I had the karyotype tests on me and hubby and nothing came up, my cousin has Turner syndrome so I had been worried. X

Hey Orla, no advice from me unfortunately but I hope the appt goes as well as can be expected and they can suggest something for you.xx

Hi. I feel you. Don't let this get to you. You can do this. You are made stronger to endure this pain. Consider it a test and be patient. You are going to get what you desire soon. Everybody deserves parenthood. So do you. Never lose hope.

Hey Orla, been thinking about you! How did it go at the clinic?xx

Orla9298 in reply to Cinderella5

Hey! Ahh thank you, I’m not sure how I feel, he recommends not bothering to do do any immune testing, says we will continue with steroids. Says it isn’t a problem to be on steroids if you don’t actually need them. Says all of the immune testing is rated Red by the HFEA which is why he has no reason to believe in it. He looked over all of my miscarriage clinic results and everything was spot on, no issues, antibodies etc all fine.

He has asked my GP to get me referred to an endocrinologist to look at my thyroid because on the same dose my TSH has moved around from 1.5 to 0.3 to 1 to 0.1. So all over the place. He wants to see it stable before I transfer anything else. He thinks there must be an underlying issue because I’m absolutely exhausted all of the time too. So no idea how long all of this will take. We have one more 5CC and a 2 and a 2C. I want to transfer all 3 together and he isn’t too pleased but is willing to get it signed off. He thinks of one implanted and two failed, it could impact negatively in the implanted one. I’m not so sure, you see people all of the time transferring two, and often 3 and getting a successful Singleton. The chances of triplets with such poor embryos is probably zero!

I’m considering, during the wait, doing another natural modified retrieval. It’s only (if you can say only!) about £2700 plus the drugs which aren’t too bad for the low doses, maybe £300 max. So was thinking of trying again but making sure we catch the best most optimal baseline and cancelling if it’s not an ideal month to start.


Cinderella5 in reply to Orla9298

Glad to hear that you have a semi-plan and by the sounds of it a good consultant behind you! Oh that is odd about your thyroid, what does are you on? Im sure an endocrinologist will be able to get to the bottom of it....its defo a good idea to get a drip on it. My clinic wouldnt touch me until mine was sorted out. I completely understand your want to put the three back. Ive also read about the different quality of embryos affecting the good ones but yours dont seem too different or that bad....I would do the same! Hell if I was allowed I'd transfer my three in my next round but know Im not allowed already - illegal to transfer more than 2 DE at a time! Ha ha ha Stick to your guns and push for what you feel is right for you, thats my motto! Ha ha ha how bad is it that we say its only ££££ these days....treatment costs mount up so quickly dont they?!xx

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