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Follow up app! What should I ask?

Hi ladies! Hope you all are well!

Finally I have my follow up appointment tomorrow! For the one who don’t know me,I had my first ivf cycle on January and it failed on February and ended up an early misscariage.

What should I ask tomorrow? Is there any specific test that I should ask for? I already asked them to check my blood to see if I ovulate or not as I’m not sure. What else should I ask?

I’m not very happy with my clinic and I decided to change it as one of the nurses treated me bad and made me so upset during that difficult time. But as I waited 2months I won’t tell them till I do it.

Thanks ❤️ xx

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DianeArnold has a list of questions that she can email you.

If you email support@fertilitynetworkuk.org

She will send them to you

Good luck x


Thanks Zoe xx


Ask to have a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy; with both they look inside your uterus and treat any abnormalities found, and with the laparoscopy they can look for/ treat endometriosis which can only be diagnosed by a laparoscopy .

Regarding your clinic I am saddened to hear you didn’t feel supported by your nurse; how is your consultant? If you get on well and find your consultant good it would be a shame to leave because of a nurse. Are there other nurses there; can you dodge her 🙈😂🙌🏻! Alternatively could you express your concerns to your consultant without berating her? The consultant is her boss and regardless of what he/she says to you the consultant will take up with the bad nurse and you might find a change of attitude 😘😊 Ultimately it’s your choice and you must do whatever feels right for you and I wish you the best 💝xoxo


Thanks jess, I’ll defo ask for both laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

My consultant is ok he has 2 nurses working with him on fertility department,one of them is absolutely lovely and the other one is totally opposite🤦🏻‍♀️ And I can’t dodge her,wish I could😂. She told me my follow up is gonna be in March but she will check with dr and will get back to me,she didn’t and when I called she told me they fully booked and I have to wait till April and told me you spoke to Cathy (the other nurse)😳basically she forgot to book me in and told me I can go to private clinic if I’m in rush (how nice)😔 She made me upset and felt left alone. I don’t even know tell my dr about it or not to be honest. My consultant works with the hospital that I’ve done my EC and ET,but the diffrent dr done them for me and he was so nice. I’m going there for my counselling and my counsellor told me I can swap my cilinic and go with them, she even knew that nurse when I told her🤦🏻‍♀️😂 tbh I don’t think I miss any thing if I go with them.

Hope you’re ok and felling better ❤️xoxo


That’s not good if others know of her unkind manners 😡 she sounds like a mare it’s not you it’s her anyone who treats others like that is the one with the issue 🤬if you prefer the other doctor it’s a no brainier switch clinics 😘 going through all this is stressful enough and it is vital to feel you have that support from the consultant and their team; if you don’t feel supported that’s no good.

I have an amazing fertility specialist and I couldn’t imagine my journey without him ; he’s the best 😀 I am much better thank you; I have been referred by my fertility specialist to an endometriosis specialist he knows feeling much more positive about things 😀 some endo was left on my bowel and it concerns him the endo recurs so quickly with me; I am prone to it recurring 🤦🏼‍♀️I hope with it removed it won’t re grow so quickly 🤞🏻 oh the things us ladies go through next time I’m coming back as a man 😂

Good luck with your appointment I hope it goes well 😘 xoxo

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I hope your appointment went well today ❤️ xoxo

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Hi jess! It went ok but not as I expected. He decided to do the scan for me as I was in pain in the past few weeks and last time my hospital refused my Gp referral regarding my scan which I don’t know why. anyway he asked about my pain and I said it’s much better and he said that’s fine and I don’t need an scan as he’s sure there is nothing important!

I have to do the blood test in next 2 weeks as he wanted to see if I ovulate or not, my ovulation was regular and normal before ivf, and from next month I can decide when I like to have my frostie. I asked about my AMH and FSH levels, my FSH is 5 and AMH one in feb which was 12 and one in October which was 13.3, he said it’s good for my age but tbh I don’t know what levels count as good or normal. about the laparoscopy he said I can get it done but with his years of experience he doesn’t think I have ando! And when they’ve done my EC they didn’t see anything suspicious,so probably for over 90% I don’t have it. And also said people with severe endo can get peregnant with ivf as it’s their only way to get pregnant. So tbh I’m not sure get it done or not. I might do the scratch this time before my transfer as he said I can get better chance.

For 10000% next time I’m coming back as a man too😂😘xoxo

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Glad it went ok.

I just want that say my fertility specialist didn’t think I had endo ; when I presented symptoms he thought it was bowel in origin- but he did the lap to be certain and i do have endo. Mine was harder to diagnose as I had gynaecological and bowel issues ; my endo is on pod and rectum🤢 and 2 laps in 8 months 😳hence referral to a endometriosis specialist. My fertility specialist is wonderful and I really respect him but he wasn’t right on the original diagnosis. Looking back with my cycle abnormalities it was obvious I had endo.

Anyway I’d go with your gut instincts tells you; trust that you know your own body than any Doctor does.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do and I hope the blood tests can give you some reassurance that you need. xoxo

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Thanks lovely. Tbh I don’t have any symptoms and my horrible period pain got so much better after my misscariage!(shocking) I have to wait for my blood result anyway and then decide what to do. I might see another dr to see what’s his opinion. Can risk at this age🤦🏻‍♀️

Hope every thing goes well with your surgery xoxo

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That is really good glad your periods have improved; mine got worse after my miscarriage but then my endo grew back. Usually with endo it makes periods worse. Do what feels right to you; trust you know your body best. 😘 draw a list of pros and cons and make your decision 😘 what does hubby think?

I haven’t seen the specialist yet or heard from them 🙄 I might chase appointment date up 🤦🏼‍♀️xoxo

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I should call my clinic tomorrow as my dr wanted to do the scan but because I said the pain got better he didn’t do it but since last night I’m having period cramp type and this morning I had pink discharge with a little blood on it😔 so scared. Had my period on 31st so today is day 9, don’t know what is it. Hubby is fine with whatever I decide. He said as it’s mostly mine so I have to be comfortable with dr and clinic,so decision is mine🤦🏻‍♀️

Just keep calling them they might see you sooner xoxo


Did you normally get bleeding between your periods? Could it be ovulation; some women do bleed during ovulation time.

I started bleeding between my periods 4 years ago as well as horrific cramping at the same time; my cramping doesn’t just happen during my period it occurs outside the period which usually makes me bleed.Mine is due to endo ( one of many symptoms 🙄)

I’d definitely speak to your clinic; they might want you to see your GP over this.I don’t think it’s anything sinister but definitely get it checked over.

I’m sorry you’re having this worry to deal with and I hope you get answers for it that put your mind at rest😘

Let me know how you get on ❤️❤️❤️ xoxo


No normally I don’t bleed since my misscariage I’m getting cramps right after my period. I don’t bleed it’s just a light pink discharges. I’ll call them tomorrow hope they don’t ignore it. Maybe I have endo and it a sign. ❤️😘xoxoxo


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