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Break from IVF & supplements


Hi folks, hope everyone is well. After our third failed cycle earlier this month we’ve decided to give TTC & IVF a break and try to enjoy our life with together for a change. Up until now I had been taking enough supplements to make me rattle: dhea, ubiquinol, baby aspirin, vit D, vit E, omega 3, pregnacare, Vit B, maca and royal jelly 🤦‍♀️ I really can’t face the idea of taking them everyday as it’s a reminder of what we’ve been through and what didn’t work. I haven’t taken them since we got our result and had reduced them during cycle anyway. I wondered what you guys thought. Should I keep taking them or would a break be a good idea? Part of me thinks if I have a break, I might see the benefit when/if I start taking them again. Thanks x

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Personally I'd take a break. I know we've all resorted to these as we've researched them and they are supposed to help, but medically there is no proof so you won't be harming your chances of natural conception by stopping, and as you say, you may see more benefit if and when you choose to start taking them again. Enjoy a little bit of freedom from all of this, it will do you the world of good xx

Ash2016 in reply to Hidden

Thanks lovely! Any sign of baby? Xxx

Hidden in reply to Ash2016

No sign yet, 2 weeks until due date and baby is beginning to drop. I meant to say that the Women's Clinic have an interesting offer at the moment but wasn't sure you'd feel up to it. DM me if you've not heard about it xx


Hi Ash2016. I can fully understand your reasoning here. However, if there is a chance of you getting pregnant naturally, please continue to take Folic Acid and Vitamin D. I'm sure a good sensible diet will cover ost of the others anyway. Obviously, I wish you well with whatever you decide and of course for success when you decide to try again, if necessary. Thinking of you. Diane

Kiedy84 in reply to DianeArnold

Hi Diane, I wanted to ask if you think it's ok to break Pregnacare tablets into smaller chunks, I always struggle to swallow the whole pill:-( I have found conflicting advice regarding different medicine, some must be swalled whole some can be cut into smaller bits. Any thoughts? xx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Kiedy84

Hi Kiedy84.yes, it’s quite safe to cut them up. Diane

I'd agree with Diane, maybe continue with pregnacare but give the others a break for the moment. It could be a case of too much of a good thing, perhaps giving your body a break from all the additional supplements could provide a good detox of sorts. Maybe look into supplementing naturally with foods/nutrition instead xxx

Have a break. I think that’s a wonderful idea xx


I agree with the others have a break it can get a bit much! I haven’t had IVF but have been TTC 7 years & thanks to endo I’ve had some “ forced” breaks. But that has helped me physically & mentally and I feel ready to go again with a better perspective on it 🙂

I hope you enjoy some “you time” and wish you the best xoxo

Thanks for all your replies ladies. I think I’m going to take a complete break. The chances of falling naturally with low amh, crap eggs and a thin lining are slim to none anyway🤦‍♀️Time to get fit, healthy and back to having some fun xxx

gcw104 in reply to Ash2016

Go eat crap and get drunk then get fit and healthy

Hidden in reply to gcw104

Haha so true - I had margeritas, pizza and sushi after my failed cycle! 😀😁😀😁

gcw104 in reply to Hidden

I down a bottle of wine when I find out I’m miscarrying can’t help it then I have like bloody steak, pate whatever else I’d been missing. I’m loving Turkish delight gin mmmm but I’m nearly back on the ttc band wagon yet again. I rattle too

Ash2016 in reply to gcw104

Don’t worry I did that all weekend😂 I have fully indulged in the perks of not being pregnant and will continue to do so! Will just have to exercise that wee bit harder 😊

I think having a break is just what you need by the sounds of it. It was the best thing I did otherwise it just ends up consuming who you are. I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing your strength and determination is back in a few months time. Take time to be you/ a couple 😘 xxx

Ash2016 in reply to Katrina1986

Thanks lovely x

Hi my dear

I have read through what you have posted and I feel that I should offer you some advice. It is sad to learn that despite the effort you have made, you still don’t have anything to show off your effort. I know you were disappointed every time you got negative results. This is common with fertility treatment. There are people who will get the desired results in the first attempt whereas there are those who must try severally before they get any results. However, from experience, it is obvious that all those who have been persistent have ended up well. Now you had mentioned that you had decided to take a break and enjoy your life. This is the right way to go. In fact, IVF fail not because it is destined to fail but because the body refuses to respond to the treatment. I am also convinced that you need to give your body a break to help the system to clear before trying another round. I know of a lady who had three failed IVF, took a break of 3 years and succeeded on the fourth attempt. Even though there is no scientific explanation for the success, I strongly believe that the break helped the body to recover hence the success. So my dear, it is a good idea that you have stopped taking those drugs and supplements. I pray to god to listen to you and answer your prayer.

Ash2016 in reply to Gloriarroyo

Thank you x

Hello, I did took some break as well and stopped with all the stressful polemical supplements (DHEA, etc) but kept some going, the one that have been demonstrated to be scientifically efficient as I think that they can help your body to be healthy beyond fertility issue. I keep Omega 3, prenatal vitamine, vitamine D and the CQ 10 (this because, I saw less grey hair since taking them, :)). I believe it is good for the skin and the body in general, I am taking the extra fertility motivation and diet to at least be pretty and healthy. That's never lost and on the long run it is probably beneficial. Of course, the best approach is to eat healthy, do some sport and be happy! Wishing you a good life and some rest and ultimately some good news.

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