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Update - AF’s fury!


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Thought I’d share a little update of my mornings drama. Anyone with a delicate disposition please stop here...

I have my baseline scan on Thursday so I can start stims after buserelin, and I’ve been panicking over the last few days that AF wasn’t going to turn up before the scan and I might need to cancel. I woke up with some serious cramping - and after what seemed like the 100th knicker check it rocked up. Super pleased, got ready for work and off I left for train.

40 mins into my daily commute my cramps become unbearable, I started sweating, feeling lightheaded and feeling nauses. Thankfully arrived at the station so make my way to the ladies - and throw up, I also need to go to the toilet (yup). Felt like I was in that toilet cubicle for a decade. I look & feel like poop. I called work and made my excuses and got on the next train home. Pain is still there but not as intense - after 10 mins on the train, the nausea is back - and guess what the toilets are out of order so I had to throw up in a bin whilst kneeling on the floor - almost didn’t make it.

Overall, a seriously glamorous morning!!

Just hope baseline scan will be ok Thursday!

Hope you’re all doing ok xx

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Omg you poor thing. What do you think is causing it? Xxx

Barbara1012 in reply to Hidden

Hey EB, painful period I think, I’ve had this happen a couple of times just before AF. My body probably thinks it’s the last one so wants to make it a good one! Feeling a bit better. KX loos is really the last place you wanna be stuck in feeling rubbish :)

How are you & bump doing? Xxx

Hidden in reply to Barbara1012

omg what a nightmare for you so sorry. Hopefully that will be easing soon for you!

Bump is growing - don't look pregnant - just fat at the moment! :)

We both have scans on Thursday? You have your baseline?


Barbara1012 in reply to Hidden

Bless you. Yep baseline - date with dildocam! Hope yours is the tummy and gel variety, you must be sick of those dates by now :) xxx

Hidden in reply to Barbara1012

oh god - love that name! Mine is on the surface thankfully - do not miss the camera up my do-dah one bit! ;) xxx

What a day you have had hope you feel better soon. My period hasnt arrived yet just want to get onto the next stage feel so rubbish! Xx

Thank you x

Bless you, think we’re at the same stage? Think buserelin can delay things a bit - hopefully yours will show up soon and you start the next bit, stims? X

I am doing FET, so once it shows up I would then start Progynova which I hated last time! Love how you called the scan a dildocam it cracked me up thanks :) xx

I find that laughing is the only way I can get through the next 4-6 weeks. Hope AF shows up - and that the prog treats you better than last time. Hope you start to feel better sweets xx

The only time in our lives that we're happy to see AF and then you get hit with this.....poor you! Sounds like you're having a heck of a day! Hoping that you are home and back in bed. Rest and up and try to drink plenty of fluids.xx

Thanks lovely. I can’t say I ever wanted AF to show up as much as I have this week. I think a day of Netflix it is xx Just saw your post - hope you’re doing ok xxx

Good, glad to hear it! Im doing better thank you!xx

I somehow missed your post! What a terrible morning!!!! Hope you’re feeling better now xxxxx

Barbara1012 in reply to Caza2009

Hey, yeah much better thanks. Not my finest hour, I dread to think what the folks on the train must have thought!! Still, I was so happy AF arrived and I could get to my scan that the rest was secondary:)

Good luck with your scan tomorrow, let me know what happens please, mine is on Friday xx

I’m so pleased that AF came - great news! 👍🏼👍🏼 ...even if the side effects weren’t ideal! 😂

I’m hoping they’ll tell me all is well and I can start using my oestrogen patches. My guess is that ET will be in 3 weeks - if all goes well 🤞🏼

Keep me posted on yours too xxxx

🤞 🤞 xxx

Caza2009 in reply to Barbara1012

Hey, quick update on scan - Lining totally thin so now started oestrogen and transfer will be on 31st (as long as lining is thick enough - further scan on 23rd to check) xxx

That’s brilliant news, really pleased. Fingers crossed for next week xx what are the patches like? I can only think of Ab Fab and the nicotine patches..:) hope you get on ok with them xx

Am hoping they’ll tell me I can have egg collection next week - it’s my birthday on 24th - a bit of sedation will feel like a hangover:) xx

You poor thing! I remember having a similar episode due to AF when I was on a speed awareness course! 🙈 I felt so unwell & faint, but the woman thought I was just trying to get out of the course so wasn’t very sympathetic!!! I asked if I could go out for some fresh air, but she said if I left I wouldn’t be able to return to finish the course. I ended up spending 15 minutes in the toilet & I did start to feel a little better after a while. So horrible though, & undignified! Being a woman is bloody hard at times! Lol! 🙇🏻‍♀️😤

Barbara1012 in reply to DisneyJL

It really is... we can laugh about it now which is the main thing xx

Ps - your speed awareness course sounds awful, I know they have to play bad cop but some of the instructors are terrifying, you did well to stick it out! Xx

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