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6dp5dt feels alot like period is on its way. Trying not to lose hope


I'm feeling so deflated at the moment my test date isn't untill Thursday.

I woke up last night in pain that felt exactly like my monthly pain. It disappeared after 30 mins but all today I've had that fullness feeling and mild cramps associated with the build up to period.

I had cramping at the first 3 days after transfer that where different but this feels all to familiar. Any one experience anything similar and still get a bfp... clutching to any hope..

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Hi, in my two weeks I constantly felt like my period was on its way. Even after I got my bfp, it still felt like it was, it's only just starting to feel like it isn't.

I had some pains and twinges too, but more of a constant dull ache.

Good luck xx

AnneXmarie in reply to elle80

Firstly congratulations on your bfp

I hope this is the case for me too. Only 4 days to test day. 🙏🤞

elle80 in reply to AnneXmarie

Thank you.

Fingers and toes crossed for you!! Pregnancy and period feelings are both the same, so it's very confusing and cruel! Also the progesterone causes a lot of symptoms too. I hope time passes quickly for you Xx

Pain isn’t always negative ! There’s a lot going on inside you . I had cramps & pains up to two weeks after transfer & developed a cyst .. stay positive and push them ugly grey clouds away . Rest well . Hugs from Peterborough x.

Thankyou silvanti. I know I need to trust the process and me worrying is not going to change the outcome. So much easier said than done though. 😕

I had cramps that started 4 days before my bfp and like you was convinced my period was on its way (I usually only had a 12 day luteal phase so the cramping started right on time and it was a killer to wait the extra days until we got a blood test 14 days after egg collection) I was on knicker watch allllll the time, it didn’t feel any different to all those months we tried naturally and got bfn’s. Wishing you all the best for Thursday x

I had bad cramps in the second week of the 2ww, which lasted about 20mins at a time then went away, but I got my BFP and am now 10 weeks. Crossing all my fingers for you xx

Hey hun I had the exact feeling and I got a bfp!! I even had bleeding at 9dp5dt. Currently 10 weeks and counting down until my 12 week scan! Don't lose hope xx

What you’ve described isn’t a bad sign at all. Unless you actually see any blood I’d take it as a good sign. Good luck for Thursday x

Hia im day 9 today and I’m pretty much the same as you, I feel like it’s on it’s way and have since about day 3 xxx 😘

Hi-my test day is Friday and have been feeling like AF on its way for the last couple of days. Today I’ve been really emotional as well so I’m convinced I’m out and then get cross with myself as we’re all told we need to stay positive! It’s a killer isn’t it!!?? Fingers crossed everything goes your way on Thursday.xxx

AnneXmarie in reply to Sharonl75

It is a killer yes. This whole process is such an emotional rollercoaster. Once we get over one hurdle we stress and worry about the next. I guess it never gets any easier.

I am hoping what people are saying about cramps being a positive sign is right .

Hoping we both get that bfp on test day.

Wishing you the best of luck.

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