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Hospital f - up!?


So I'm due for laparoscopy on Tuesday... I'd rang Spire a few days ago because I'm clueless about what to do, where to go and what's expected... got a call today from Dr Akandes secretary who said I should be aware that I should be on antibiotics and I said no! No ones been in touch, no letter nothing. She goes into her computer and says "you should have been sent an email.. oh hold on, it's not been sent out nor the letter. I'll call you back and speak to Akande"

Literally fumes coming out of my ears as I've paid thousands for this one procedure which Hasn't got anything to do with the actual IVF and they're saying that no one has bothered to get in touch baring in mind it was booked two months ago..

Very annoyed that no care was taken - I'd expect this from the worst clinics in the UK not one of the best for IVF!

Sorry just a little rant because we've saved up so much and our time and money is being played around with. Nothing has been started yet and we've been hit with a major invoice.. all a bit one sided here I think 🤔

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I am so sorry to hear. My DH and I are also going through a private clinic for IVF but now are being referred to another private hospital for fibroid removal. I can completely understand how you make the sacrificae for paying for private healthcare and they let you down big time. I would ask for a formal complaints form and make it know that you are unhappy. At least with the Spire and Nuffield group you have the option of formal complaints!!!

It is so annoying. I had an experience with a well known private clinic and some tests that I had to have done. I was offered the tests on the nhs but with the private clinic it meant I got the results faster and therefore could potentially start treatment sooner. Well, test results came back and were sent to Spain and after chasing Spain for some feedback they informed me they were waiting for the rest of the results. I asked the local private clinic who then asked me to return for the additional tests. Luckily I happened to get the same nurse and she said they had asked for the same tests again and I would still be missing some. After about half an hour she came back to advise that in fact they don't do all the tests after all!! I was so mad with the Dr there for wasting my time. In the end I happened to be going to London for work and managed to get all my tests done, get all clears and results back to the clinic within a week. Too late for transfers before August shut down but seriously what a waste of time and money at the well known private clinic. They don't seem to care about delays and the fact that every moment that ticks by for me feels like my dreams are further away as I near yet another birthday in geriatric land!

Sorry, had to rant. And agree with you x

Luckily there are some really nice people and clinics out there.

And I have to say the one I am moaning about is not a fertility clinic.


Moan over x

I had a similar experience when I had my fibroid removed. Unfortunately it’s not the consultant’s fault but their bloody Secretary. I mean to the point where I luckily have insurance that covered my procedure all the invoices gone to the right insurance company and been paid but the last invoice I has they sent it to a different company. Also sending me post meant for other people and not me!! Like wth. Incompetence at its finest.

I’m sorry you are going through this and hope you are able to have you scheduled lap on Tuesday.

I’m sorry your hospital has let you down.

I’ve had chase and contact PALS over errors prior and post my third laparoscopy at an endo centre.It’s very frustrating.

I’ve had 3 laps but never had to take antibiotics prior to any of them.

I really hope your lap goes ahead on Tuesday . Delays are so upsetting and they don’t understand how distressing it is for us in this situation.

If you have any questions on laps feel free to ask me xoxo

Sorry you’re having to deal with this, so frustrating. Hope everything goes well with your laparoscopy... I remember how nervous I was & worrying about antibiotics and whether the hospital have done what they need to is extra worry you just don’t need. Have a good rant, then try to push it out of your mind & focus on you xx

I don’t know if this will help but I didn’t have to take antibiotics before my laparoscopy (on the nhs) so maybe you will still be ok to go ahead? I agree it is poor treatment though and if I were you I would put a complaint in writing- who knows, they may give you a discount!

Hi Danni, I had my first treatment there, nothing but admin error after admin error, sorry to hear they’ve not improved now they’ve gone private only - I had to go there as my NHS Hospital used them - they no longer send any patients there.....says it all.

I hope you get back on track with your treatment & get your BFP. X

Oh no. It’s all so annoying. It’s maybe even more annoying that you are paying to receive a rubbish service.

The treatment we had at our first clinic was truly awful and the aftercare was so rubbish that we ended up getting a 50% refund after we complained.

The issue is that you have to trust them because they are the professionals who supposedly know what they are doing. What I’ve learned from this forum is that you need to be your own advocate and if it doesn’t feel right then question it. And complain if it’s rubbish.

I hope they come back to you on Monday with a solution x

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Oh my god literally just spoken about the fact that he's had his first spend test yet they ask for another for 'just incase', they see nothing on the ultra scan that may seem abnormal yet they're wanting to do laparoscopy "just in case something's wrong"... it's been three months into this and I've not had anything to do with IVF itself 😅😓

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Oh wow how'd the refund happen? Just wrote a reply back to the lady after you about paying for unnecessary stuff. I'm three months in and I've had nothing to do with IVF procedure. Haven't started anything! So far spent £4250 WTF!! ??

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These private clinics are businesses. You pay for a service and if they don’t deliver it then I think you have the right to a refund.

To be fair our treatment was so poor that our complaint was dealt with by the hospital director and discussed before the hospital board. They put new policies in place to ensure no one else had the same experience in future which was a positive thing.

Wow over £4000, is a lot before you even get started with IVF! X

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Advanced sperm tests £170 twice... £350 first consultation... and £3671 for the lap today so over that amount. May be having words later it's all a money making scheme but hubby knows when he is being played so he'll make sure it doesn't happen x

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