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From pillar to post through the NHS...

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Hey guys,

Over the last month I have had horrendous abdominal pain. It started at the same time I would ovulate and has happened a lot worse again this month around the time of ovulation again. Went to hospital it was so bad (three times to be exact, twice referred up by GP). Had ultrasound which showed as they call it a 'simple' cyst on my under developed right ovary but nothing else. Being referred to gastro clinic and got appointment at the end of this month. Went back to my doctor today but saw a different one as usual and he said they had sent a letter to my fertility clinic to see if they could do anything but in the mean time wait for gastro appointment and if clinic can't do anything then they'll refer me to a gynaecologist. Now I'm no doctor, but if a patient came to me who had an ectopic pregnancy in the last year with adhesions and scarring already present despite no surgeries beforehand, had experienced recurrent miscarriages, with a record of having heavy periods with intense ongoing abdominal pain and lower back issues and had just had IVF- I'm thinking it's a gynae problem?? Anyone else got any ideas? I'm running out of steam keep going back to the doctors and having time off with no one to tell me what's wrong! Gahhh!

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Im sorry youre having a tough time.. I cant help too much but just wanted to say Ive had pains like you described.. like horrendous around ovulation time and it was down to cysts. Nothing was ever done and I still get them from time to time but nobody seem concerned. But obviously with your more extensive history you would expect more investigation. Unfortunately with the NHS I fin you just need to keep pushing and pushing if you feel in your gut somethings not right x

I do have a cyst they found on my right ovary which is weird because it’s under developed but they said it was a simple cyst which annoys me because a cyst is not simple to anyone and giving it that name implies there’s nothing to it! Very much annoys me how people aren’t spoken to or treated properly and have to almost have a discussion with doctors to get any answers needed! Then they think we are silly for googling things to try to find answers! I’m sorry you weren’t taken seriously either! I have considered going private but it’s likely to be too expensive for me x

Yeah I totally get what you mean.. nothing was ever done about my cysts either.. was just like yup that's what it is so tough just live with it. I hope you get some answers soon.. maybe even one private appt can help and then they refer you to the correct people via the NHS. Ive done this before and found it worth while.. it was about £250 for one appt but got things moving along much quicker and in the right direction xo

Ooh that’s interesting thanks for that advice I didn’t know they’d do that I thought they’d keep you for treatment privately. I think it’s £190 for a gynaecologist appt so perhaps I’ll do that!! Thank you! Yeah I know as long as we aren’t in danger they don’t care! Chronic pain isn’t a problem for them!! Yet we loose money being off work and struggle for years tiring out with pain everyday xx

Aw I know its horrible isn't of luck.. hope you get sorted soon!! xo

Thanks for your advice x

Sorry to hear what you are going through, would you consider getting some investigations done privately. I had all my fertility investigations privately and then had ICSI on the NHS.

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Thats what i am now thinking to perhaps get initial consultation through a private gynaecologist to see what they say if anything different (I hope so!) xx

I used to get really bad ovulation pains I mentioned it to the dr and said prob not a cyst didn’t even get a scan. Fortunately eventually it stopped happening.

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KirstyC90 in reply to gcw104

I’m glad it stopped hurting you but that is awful that it wasn’t even investigated!! If you look on the net about ovulation pain it says it could be something else!! They never hold themselves responsible! I wouldn’t be able to send people away and oh you’re okay! Or wait a month and we’ll look into it properly! Xx

Hi KirstyC90,

I find being prepared with a few facts, worst case scenarios, listening and then pushing, gets the results.

Go as far as asking for something in writing and stating the obvious. The NHS has a duty of care and we all have rights.

Before going private I would just say you require the gynae appointment as it’s a cyst in your ovary.

Don’t take no for an answer. Best of luck!

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