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Travelling to Australia before frozen transfer. Should I do it?


Hi Ladies,

hope you're all doing well.

Starting our next medicated frozen transfer end of August....

I've been asked to go to Sydney for work for 10days. If I go that would mean starting downregulation (Buserelin) there for 5 days or so before my periods start.

I was keen to go and i've been told it doesn't affect treatment but it's so far away (living in London) I still wonder if it's not the best idea to go so far away and start treatment whilst jetlagged and tired.... each time I go I can't sleep for 5 days.

I've had my fresh transfer cancelled because of high progesterone and the first natural frozen cancelled because they were not sure I ovulated ...

Can't decide... Any advice?

Thanks :)

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Hi AlexHoBo

I don't think anyone can tell you what to do but you may be veering one way from what you have said. Perhaps as you have listed all the reasons not to go you could advise on reasons to go and then decide.

How long after your return would it be before transfer? Would you be fully recovered and fighting fit? Can you delay the trip until later or go earlier?


AlexHoBo in reply to Camillage

Thanks Camillage, I would most likely have my periods on the way back and start the meds then.

My husband said it would most likely be fine but might be better to avoid being over tired...

We ve decided I won’t go :(


Camillage in reply to AlexHoBo

You could chat with Mantaray75 who travelled from New Zealand to Europe for treatment and see what she says? Mantaray75 - do you have any input in terms of travelling half way around the world and impact?


Mantaray75 in reply to Camillage

I travelled back from Barcelona to London 2 days after transfer and then flew last Friday from London to NZ. On Monday I had a positive pregnancy test.

People obviously do these sort of trips all the time without realising they're pregnant.

It was more awkward having to do my pessaries in an airplane toilet and then having to consider the time difference to work out when they were due. I initially kept my watch on London time and followed that and then changed to NZ time once I was here.

I don't think it will affect the outcome but you have to do what you are happy with. This process is already stressful enough. Having to inject is certainly more awkward than the pessaries I had to take and obviously this may cause more issues getting through the airport, although with a letter its not that they won't allow it. If memory serves, doesn't the Buserelin have to be kept cold. I'd check on the info leaflet which comes with the bottle.


Camillage in reply to Mantaray75

Thank you x

AlexHoBo in reply to Mantaray75

Hi Mataray75,

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! very happy to hear your good news!

I agree, women travel all the time not knowing they are pregnant, that's what I thought too. The issue was also around timing , and now I had my periods early (again...) and not very much at all. Don't even want to think if that's a bad sign or maybe a couple of weird cycles in a row...

I won't go to Oz this time. I have a couple other trips in Europe, that I will still go.

Wishing you all the best for a healthy pregnancy x

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to AlexHoBo

Hi AlexHoBo. I think you’ve mad3 the right decision. You don’t want to feel rubbish just as you start meds. Perhaps Australia will pop up again another time. Hope all goes well for you. Diane

AlexHoBo in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks very much Diane 🙏🏻

You’re going to feel rubbish from jet lag anyway so will the meds really make you any worse? I think I would do it but maybe book a few days holiday from work afterwards to recover and cope with meds if possible?

Hi Lizzie, unfortunately it looks like my periods would start in Oz and I need to be back for the first scan...

My cycle has gone short again and unpredictable which makes it more tricky.

My husband also suggested it might be better not to start again super stressed and for the first time in 3,5 years he would prefer i don’t go, which I will respect.

I might do the scratch then, as I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it being away.... but i don’t know about that either 😆😂🙄🤪

Sounds sensible. Can’t advise on the scratch but I know lots of ladies on here have had it x

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