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Frozen embryo transfer tomorrow (I hope!)


Hello All.

I have been doing a frozen cycle of IVf, and am due to go to clinic tomorrow for embryo transfer. Am desperately hoping that my embryos thaw okay, but that it a bit of an unknown quantity, as I've never done FET before.

It's a weird, emotional feeling, to think about my potential embryos (seven blastocysts in the freezer). The clinic called them a 'cohort', which sounds like I'm running a school!

Am a bit unsure whether we should be aiming to have 2 embryos transferred or one. At aged 39, the advice is rather conflicting. Having done three 'fresh' cycles of IVF before (and miscarried after the first cycle), it's also hard to allow myself too much hope.

Not sure if anyone else is going through (has gone through) this on this site?

Am also aware that Mothers Day is not necessarily easy for anyone coping with infertility issues (whatever stage you're at). As sending lots of thoughts in solidarity with people struggling with this. It's hard.

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Good luck for tomorrow Noper - wow, 7 blastocysts is amazing! How many are you having thawed?

I've had 4 cycles but only got to transfer in my last cycle - I opted for 2 2-day embryos transferred as I'm 38 and we only had 2 so chose to use them both rather than freeze one. We had said we'd probably only have 1 transferred if we'd got to blastocyst but in hindsight, I think now if we're lucky enough to get that far next time, we'd have 2 transferred, it certainly seems to be more common from everything I've read the last few months.

Hope it goes well - let us know



Noper in reply to Treacle

Thanks Treacle, We thawed and transferred 2 today and so it's now a question of waiting for the pregnancy test in 11 days.

Am thinking ot putting my husband through some feel-good films before then (I need the serotonin!)

Good luck with your IVF journey too.


Hi Noper. Well, I assume that your FET has now taken place? I do hope all went well, and you reached an OK decision as to whether to have one or two embryos transferred. Hopefully, you will still have some of them left – that would be a super, added bonus! Keeping everything crossed for you both for a successful outcome this time round. Kind regards Diane

Noper in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane. The transfer went okay - one embryo had thawed very well, and the other came out as more average. (Still 5 left in freezer). We decided to put both back in. It will be 11 days until my result (I think they take into account that these are 5 day embryos already). Now putting my feet up - although am thinking of going to my choir tonight, to sing to them!

paeroking in reply to Noper

Good luck noper. We have only one embryo in the freezer so I am hoping it survives being defrost in April. I hope everything works out well for you.


I hope your transfer went ok. That is amazing that you have seven in the freezer. I am sure you made the right decision for you in how ever many you decided to transfer.

I really hope the two week wait goes swifty. As this can often be the most challenging bit. We are going to have our first FET next month after two failed ICSI attempts. Let us know how you get on, or if you need any support in this two weeks.


Noper in reply to Miwa

Thanks Miwa for your v kind message. We thawed two (one came out well, one less good but still worth trying). I always find the embryo transfers very painful - (which the doctors tell me is unusual). I think it might relate to my endo - and apparently my cervix is also in a funny place (sorry if this is too much info!). At least my life feels a bit less 'on ice' now.

Good luck with your FET next month. I think the statistics for FET are much better than they used to be - which is good to know.

I know it sounds silly but I got told to drink pineapple juice one glass a day to help with implantation? I had 1top grade embryo put back last jan at aged 39 and 3frozen. Im now the proud mummy of a 20wk old baby girl and we decided to donate our frozen embryos to help other couple's become successful in getting pregnant. Just stay positive relax put ur feet up and I shall keep fingers and toes crossed for u x it was my second ivf attempt that it worked x


Hi Noper. That’s good to hear that all went well with the transfer - and five left! Don’t forget to keep up with the progesterone pessaries/cream if you have been prescribed it, even if you should have a bit of spotting. Remember there are two little ones in there. Still got everything crossed and hope you’re enjoying the singing. Regards Diane


Fingers crossed xx

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