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Estrogen levels at transfer of frozen embryos

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Hi ladies, I have read quotes lot about people having transfers cancelled because of estrogen being too high. I am asking questions because my clinic gave just informed me they like estrogen levels at around 800 to 2000 before transfer. My result was 3395 at day 10 after my period so would have been higher before transfer 5 days later. I am waiting a reply but wondered if any of these figures mean anything to anyone or can say what there levels were at.

So so so confused with figures and what’s expected.

Any info greatly appreciated xxx

11 Replies

Sorry quite a lot. Not quotes!!! Xx

Hey Snuggles. Sorry I don't know but if there is enough time then surely they can change with drugs? Hope you get the answers you need. Xx

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Sorry, can’t help but what you say is very interesting. My clinic doesn’t do blood tests either pre or post transfer, they only look at how thick the lining of the womb is using ultrasound. So have you gone ahead with your transfer?

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That is interesting, my clinic doesn’t either. They only check lining and progesterone levels

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My clinic checked at day 10/11 but if it’s so important you would think they would test on day. Xx

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My clinic cancelled my fresh cycle as my estrogen levels were too high. They put me on the pill for three weeks and tested me again just before stimms and it had gone back to normal xxx

Hi do you know what your levels were? Have you moved on to next try? Xx

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Mine were tested on day 2 where they expected it to be under 200 to proceed - mine was in the 700’s!

Yes, I was put on the pill for three weeks, had a period and levels were checked on day 2 again and they were 157. Sometimes high levels can mean cysts but I didn’t have any was really strange I started panicking and looked at the symptoms of high estrogen and I literally had every one for months so I can only assume mine have always been high. The pill bought levels back to normal range Xx

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I have just had email from my clinic. They measure levels in pg and uk was pmol. After doing a conversation my levels in their results were 918 which is in the levels they were looking at. The levels in my clinic is between 800 to 2000. My lab was having kittens at levels as worried overies could rupture but overies were empty as per scan. Your levels with my clinic woujd have been low lol. I think the whole thing in hard to understand we are in the hands of the experts so need to go with their advice I guess. Thank you for sharing all sharing experiences is really helpful. Where are you in trying xxx

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My levels were high for day 2 I think they get higher every day! What day was your blood test?

At least that is good news when will your FET be?

I’m 7dp5dt going to test tomo xxx

Wow for day 2 that was high I was 70. Just waiting for period another few weeks.

Exciting times for you I have everything crossed for you. Good luck. Keep me updated xxx

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