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IVF- Embryo Transfer ( 10 day in) Should I do a pregnancy test?


Hi Everyone,

I had frozen Embryo transfer, I am 10 days in and I want to do a pregnancy test because I don't feel like it has been successful. I know i should wait another 4 days but I'v really just had enough now. I don't know why but my heart keeps saying it hasn't worked and I keep crying about being such a failure and emotional wreck. At this point now I just want to just know the answer and if it hasn't worked I just need the time to my self. I am slowly giving up and feel so broken. I feel like if I get the negative result I will really break completely.

I don't know if doing the pregnancy test is a good idea but I am 10 days in, by now the result I get should be accurate.

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Hi Fertilitystruggle,

It’s a really difficult choice, you can only do what you feel is right for you. I know some people prefer to wait until OTD because it’s a definitive answer, either way. I’m not that person! I prefer to test early as I feel it prepares me better if the answer isn’t what I want. Self preservation I guess.

Is your OTD a home test or bloods? Is this your first transfer?

I know it’s hard but try not to get too down, there is nothing to say it hasn’t worked for you yet, you’re very much still in the game. Big hugs xx

Hi KoboXX

Thank you for a lovely respond!

I feel like I will do the test today as I really need to prepare my self and with the weekend coming it will help me to do that.

As its my husbands birthday on the day we get our results and the last thing i want to do is ruin his birthday.

I was told to do a pregnancy test on day 13 and then a blood test on day 14 which is not very far now.

Maybe next time I can put two embryos inside me? or even three lol.

Lots of Love xxxx

I completely understand that. Wishing you lots of luck with your test, hoping for two lovely lines for you!

If there isn’t, just remember that there is still a small chance and that you can try again so it’s not the end of the road xxx

Thank you so much!

If I do get a positive result I will let you all know.

I will keep trying but I just hope I can keep my self together x



I always test around day 9 as that’s when you would miss your period in a normal cycle, my result had always been accurate by this point.

I really hope you get your BFP, there is nothing to say this won’t be the case. If it’s not then take care of yourself, give yourself some time xx

fertilitystruggle in reply to Hidden

Hi Aprilmama,

Thank you so much! I really do hope it is positive but only time will tell now🤞🏼

I hope we all get a positive result.

I will definitely take some time off from work even if its a few days as I need to just heal mentally.


Hi. If you are going to test use a first response early result test as they are the best. I hope you get your BFP xxx

Hi Emma,

I actually didn't think about that now I will definitely do that!

Thank you so much 😘 xx

What did your clinic say?

It’s so hard, I’m only at 3 days and can’t imagine how much the urge to rest at 10 must be. I’m trying to settle like I did at exams many years ago..... nothing will change the outcome at this moment . I still stress and will cry if it’s negative but that’s going to be ok after time.

If you could try and just manage until tomorrow? Then try and wait again . You are so close to finishing out. It’s my first transfer and I’m very much enjoying this limbo period as I know hurt will probably come but I’ll deal with that later .

Everyone is different though , maybe if you went somewhere for the day and had dinner out the notion would be off you for a bit longer? I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️

Wishing you well

Rhinocat x 💐

Hey RhinoCat,

Honestly for me the first 2-3 days were not too bad but after that I really started feeling the pressure and stress. I kept feeling like a failure and kept thinking what will I do if it doesn't work? What is it never works? I can keep trying all I want but what if its still never going to work? Then what? I was honestly killing my self.

But now after being so patient I really cant wait anymore and am really struggling. I do try keep my self busy, no matter where I am even if its work, home or out I still cant help my self.

Maybe avoid all the things I did as its not healthy!

You seem mentally strong and I really hope when your time comes you get Positive results!


Could you ring your clinic and tell them you are beside yourself with anxiety ? They might tell you it’s ok to test now 🤷🏼‍♀️Or bring you in for a blood test and put you out of your misery? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Also, you are not a failure pet. 💐Failure would have been to sit down and not try at all to reach what your heart desires.💖

You chose to be brave even though it’s a flipping hard journey .

How do I know you’re being brave ????..... because you are nervous 😥..... you are afraid 😱..... you might not feel brave😕 , but you FLAT OUT are! 💪🏻 When you need courage to do something and feel the above stuff, that’s how you know you are being brave 🦁

You have done everything in your control to make your wish come to fruition . 🙏🏻

Whatever happens, at least you can say, ‘I tried my best’ this time. 👌🏻😘💐 that’s all you can do.

We all have that fear that it might not ever work ...... this will only happen if you give up . There are so many options these days which I’m sure you know about. 🙏🏻

Hope you are a bit calmer today . I’ve had a fizzy morning so I downloaded the CALM mindfulness app and have started the 7 day de stress set. It has helped a bit. 💆🏼‍♀️ Do you know it?

I’m definitely getting fresh air today too, even if it passes a few hours. 😎 it always lifts my heart especially if I blast my tunes whilst I pace.

Hugs and understanding 💖

Rhinocat x 💐

Hey Rhinocat,

Even if I did ring my clinic they won’t change the date as the blood test is for Tuesday🤞🏼

I am feeling really positive for the past two days after all the positive messages from everyone it had really made me feel better ❤️

I truly do believe that you have to be really strong mentally to go through IVF it is not an easy process at all. Everyone who has gone thru this and still does is absolutely brave !!

I have been praying a lot and this has made me feel so much calmer and positive! Fingers crossed🤞🏼🤞🏼

Lots of loveeee ❤️❤️

I promise you everything you are feeling is completely normal! The highs and lows of the tww are hard, and you’re right, everyone who does it is brave ♥️ I’m glad you’re feeling calmer and more positive, sending you all the luck in the world for Tuesday. Whatever happens, you will be ok. You’ve got this 💪🏻😘 xxx

Thank you so much! I’m actually nervous for Tuesday but I have left it all in Gods hands and I’m sure it will happen one day 🤞🏼

I know everyone goes thru this but it’s funny when someone is going thru it their self at that moment nothing else matters.

I will get thru this ❤️❤️ xx

Lots of positive energy and warm cuddles, you are doing great!! One day at a time!! ❤️ xxx

Thank you so much! I love this app! There are so many lovely people! You all make me stronger each day!

love you all so much ❤️❤️ xx

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