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Morula not blastocyst - should I do the transfer?



Got the phone call today expecting to have a blastocyst to transfer and the lab has said that the embryos are slow and are a day behind (morula stage) so they want to transfer two due to reduced chance of pregnancy (they have no stats to say how low)

Has anyone had a bfp when a morula embryo has been transferred instead of a blastocyst. Not sure if I should do the transfer at all if the chances of pregnancy are so low. Thanks

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With my first 2 transfers we had blastocysts (both chemical pregnancies)

For my 3rd transfer I found out that we had transferred a compacted morula, it's the stage just before blastocyst.

I'm 9 weeks 2 days pregnant. So please don't put off transfer, a little slower doesn't mean it can't work! Some embryos just take a little more time to develope but the best place for them to continue their development is back inside you 🙂 Xxx

I think you should still go for it as Im sure if you dont put them back it will be classed as a cycle. I had 2 slow growers put back (mojust past morula stage) and and sadly it didnt work they still quoted a 25% chance so defo still worth a shot I'd say! Good luck with what you decide!xx

Yes, my first ivf. 2 slow growing embryos transferred. One of those embryos turned 3 years during the summer. 😉

I would personally still go for it, in all I’ve had 6 blastocyst’s transferred over 4 cycles which have resulted in 2 miscarriages and the others not taking. I personally wouldn’t go by the stage even if it’s a little behind nothing to say it won’t work and it’ll do best back where it belongs. Good luck xx

penny24 in reply to E_05

Thanks everyone

When I got to the clinic they said they had seen some further development with one which is hopefully going to turn into a blastocyst. As we had a clear leader they said their clinic policy is to transfer one at a time and there is evidence to say putting a good and bad embryo in together will result in a higher pregnancy rate so we have done the transfer and only one. Likely will not have any to freeze. So 2ww here we come !!

Cinderella5 in reply to penny24

Great news, best of luck!xx

NDE1987 in reply to penny24

Hey hun I had an embryo which was a slow grower and by the time it came to my actual transfer day they were able to freeze it :) so you may still have a chance to freeze it. Good luck x

penny24 in reply to NDE1987

Thank u 🤞 xxx

E_05 in reply to penny24

That’s brilliant news. Good luck for the 2ww, fingers crossed you have one to freeze 🤞x

Lollypop74 in reply to penny24

Good luck penny x

Hello dear.

An embryo in a morula corresponds to that with four days of embryonic development. When an embryo is divided its cells multiply exponentially: on day 3 it must have about 8 cells, on day 4 it can no longer be counted and the embryo takes the form of a mora, hence the name of morula. When they reach blastocyst (day +5) they already have about 200 cells and form a structure of greater complexity.

The important thing in this case is that these embryos seem to go slower than normal. They have a lower division rhythm and this is associated with a worse implementation potential. The fact of being morula is not bad, because all embryos go through this phase, but the fact that it goes decompensated.

They will leave it another day in cultivation to see if it evolves and then they will decide if it can be frozen like the rest or if it has to be discarded.

Most of all they do this to make sure that you will have a good implant and that you will have a greater chance of success with your embryos.

I hope I have clarified your doubt.

Good luck and greetings.

penny24 in reply to leonorSh122

Thank u so much for for your reply, it’s helped a lot x

leonorSh122 in reply to penny24

You are welcome darling. Always to help you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to tell me. I will be able to help you in whatever way I can. We are together in this goal (I am also waiting to make my transfer). I know what it feels like to be waiting for only good news.

I hope you have a good day.

penny24 in reply to leonorSh122

Hi leonor

When you say the odd are reduced; Do you know what the odd are of implantation with a morula at 5 day transfer (I’m 34)

My test date is the 20th which is later than what my otd was on round one, is that due to the slow development ? Xx

Good luck! 🤞🏻👶🏻

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