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Feeling lost


Ok so OTD was on Thursday 26th July BFN after bloods and pregnancy test but still no bleed. I have to go back to clinic again this morning for another blood test.. the reason for this is no bleed they said they would of normally told me to stop medication if I would of had a bleed. But have to go back today for bloods and wait the agonising few hours again they said the outcome probably wouldn't change from Thursday's result which was BFN. All weekend I have felt so down and have to go through it all again this morning for no doubt the same result. But due to no bleed and still no sign of no bleed I have to go through it again this morning 😥.. I have had to carry on with my medications since Thursday has anyone else had the same?? Xxx

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What an ordeal you have to go through. I'm sorry to hear about your BFN, how bizarre that you haven't had a bleed. Wouldn't it be out of this world if you got a different result today. Lets hope and pray that you do. Good luck xx

I never had a bleed on my cycles until I stopped meds. They didn't do blood tests at my clinic but made me wait 3 days and do another hpt. I remember feeling so frustrated by this and just wanting to move on. My clinic did say they occasionally have a late implanter, so I do understand why they do it, but just leaves you in limbo. Hope you do have a miracle result today, but sending you hugs and best wishes if not xx

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