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Immunity fertility test, epigenetics, will I love a baby with donor eggs, rejuvenation of ovaries


Hi all...I am 49..after 2 years of treatment we got 2 perfect eggs..they divided pregnant for 2 days....devastating. 4 years ago I ve got pregant naturally but lost baby st 2.5 months. My husband wants to go to donor egg alternative...I would do it but first I would like to test for immunity problems and how does it feel to have a baby with donor eggs. I know I am selfish but can't help to dream about my own baby....God knows I couldnt try 5 or more years ago due to family problems...Also just read about rejuvenation of ovaries...does any of you have done the treatment? Thank you very much

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Hi Ela,

Sorry to hear about your miscarriages. Your husband is right that at 49 your best chance is with donor eggs. Your own eggs will be of very poor quality and I'm surprised you were able to try with them.. If you read the donor conception network you will see that families who have children from donor eggs love the children dearly. I worry that if you leave it too long or waste more time trying with your own eggs, the clinics in the UK will not help you. I don't know exactly what the upper age limit is but I think it may be 49 in the UK.

If you've never had a child, donor egg will give you 9 months of carrying and growing that child and you will give birth, you certainly will be a mother and have a life long connection to each other.

At 49, I would just go for donor, its worth remembering donor egg cycles are not a magic cure, you only have a 40% chance of live birth, a lot of clinics promise 70 or 80% success rate, but they are in fact talking about getting a positive pregnancy test, unfortunately as you know being pregnant and giving birth is a long journey where things can go wrong.

So even with donor eggs, it may take more than 1 cycle to get the result.

Best of luck to you


Hi Ela, would love to have an update of how things went for you.

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