I used an egg donor - and I'm proud to admit it - article

I used an egg donor - and I'm proud to admit it - article

Today someone asked my husband that dreaded question: Have you got children?

I don't know how he does it. Within 20 minutes he'd told someone that he barely knew we were having IVF, that we were having egg donation and the guy he was talking to expressed a similar story and they just got on with it!

I got home and read this from DCN; I thought ladies who share my journey might like to read it.


I can't wait to be proud x

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  • Great read.. Many thanks for sharing. I had 4 rounds of ivf with my own eggs and after 2 BFN and 2 miscarriages I have now gone down the Donor egg route with Donor sperm as im single... This round has been the happiest and I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant... I wanted a baby and my 26 year old Donor has helped me achieve this... I feel 100% my baby and no thoughts the egg was not mine... All my blood and dna is running through my baby, I'm carrying it and very happy to be... Just putting it out there for people unsure or that may be starting to think of possibly taking this route... Lots of love to all on this journey xxx

  • I think these drugs are making me emotional! Your reply made me a bit weepy!

    Epigentics are sooooooo important. We do pass on DNA. So... I Also watched this last night:

    A fascinating TED Talk that deconstructs the concept of epigenetics by presenting studies in rats and monkeys which have demonstrated the clear and lasting impact of nurture in early life to the longterm health, emotional wellbeing and even the DNA of offspring. Very relevant to donor conception parents, who may find it encouraging to know just how deep and far-reaching their parental influence goes.

  • A great watch... Many thanks.. Found it very interesting xxx

  • Me too... if a little complicated at times! ;-) x

  • Hi I found it very fascinating and liberating. All d best gurl

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