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Day 10 post donor egg transfer - too scared to test (second fet following CP)

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Hello all,

Well this is my second 2ww and going into this feeling positive with 2 top grade blastocysts transferred last Thursday I’ve struggled to keep positive all week and continue to feel down and “no hope”.

I’ve taken the time off work this time after suffering a CP from first FET.

Of course I’ve symptom watched and across the 10 days I’ve had the following -

Cramping (mainly at night) from day 3 to day 6 then on and off from day 6 but not too painful

Spotting day 7-9 (I think likely irritation from pessaries)

Extreme tiredness (2 days this week I’ve had a nap in afternoon)

Fuller boobs which feel heavier and left one has more veins

Mood swings (man these have been bad some days)

Slight sensitives to smells but nothing much

Slight nausea the odd day (woke up last night and felt sick).

I’ve been bloated since day after ET

Headaches on and off

Looser stools early on then a bit constipated but seems fine now

I haven’t done a HPT mainly because I’m scared to get a BFN. Last FET I got +ve from day 8 to OTD. I’m too scared to even buy one but dying to know.

Please help me stay calm. I’m so scared this has not worked and all the symptoms im feeling are the stupid meds. I’m also worried as the symptoms aren’t exactly the same as last time.

Any positive vibes to send my way?

Thanks and praying for my BFP Tuesday. 🙏

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Oh and I’ve also had the odd bout of minor back ache.

My boobs feel enormous like they need their own post code

Sending lots of luck for test day. If i was a betting women i'd be saying bfp!!! Xx

Thank you. I really hope so. It’s so tough to remain positive second time around having been disappointed once before

I sadly know that feeling very well, but stay positive and hopefully all will be good x

Just wanted to say good luck for test day, the 2ww is awful everything crossed for you xx

I just wanted to wish you all the luck for test day, I know how awful those BFN are I was the same after my 2nd transfer absolutely terrified to test. I hope you get your BFP sending lots and lots of baby dust! 🤞🤞💕💕xxx

Sending tonnes of positive vibes your way! 🌟 🌟 🌟

Just wanted to send you lots of luck, I hope it's wonderful news.xx

Wishing you luck for OTD.xx

Well my boobs have calmed down a bit today as in less sore but still feel fuller (they now fill a bra that was a little big). I feel ok today after going to bed with a scratchy throat. I have had on and off twinges to left side of abdomen low down which is a worry. Had yet another afternoon nap today - again unsure whether this is the meds or a good sign or just because I’ve taken time off and done very little this week. Time will tell I guess. Fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed for bloods tmw

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Good luck tomorrow. As you said the symptoms can be because of the drugs, but they are all good signs xx

So my first Beta results came back today (12dp5dt) - 2071!!!!!!!!!

It floored me. 🥂😀

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Yay, that's amazing. How many did you transfer? Xx

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Frozen 5 day blastocysts.

Transferred 2 as last chance for us

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Wow. So exciting. Well done xx

Amazing news!! Congratulations, I hope you are doing well? Just wanted to ask how you are finding Madrid IVI. We are with Valencia IVI. 2 failed own cycles (never made it to transfer) as egg reserve and quality low. Now I’m on my way home from my 3rd donor egg transfer. 1st negative, 2nd positive but very early MC and now this was an expanded blastocyst. Unfortunately o don’t feel many symptoms this time and we have none left now so will have to start a fresh 😪

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