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Follicle cyst and abandoned MNC treatment


Hello Ladies, I was diagnosed with a 16 mm cyst this cycle (day 6) with high oestrogen level and the medical team decided to cancel my MNC cycle not really explaining the reason why. Although they adviced me to take the pills for one cycle, I decided not to. I am worried that taking the pills might disrupt too much my yet fragile hormonal balance (LOR, Low AMH, High HSF).

If my aim is to retrieve one egg and freeze it for MNC, my questions is why should we cancel the cycle? Am I likely not to ovulate? or that egg quality would be even lower than usual? I understand that pregnancy is not ideal with a cyst but if the cycle was only for egg retrieval, did we really needed to cancel it? Am I likely not to react well to medication?

I had a cyst 2 years ago. If these conditions repeats too often what does that means? Should I be worried? Is that a sign of another medical conditions that is likely to impair the last hope o fertility that I have.

Any shared experience or piece of advice or knowledge would be super helpful.


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I had a cycle cancelled twice because of a cyst. One we started the stims even though there was a cyst but at my first follicle scan it was clear the cyst was just taking all of the drugs and growing and not the follicles and it was abandoned and I wasted the meds I had taken. Another time we did the Baseline scan and had a cyst again so we abandoned. It’s likely they know what they are doing as now I would never start a cycle again with a cyst. They were only minor cysts and the clinic said they would disappear most likely by my next cycle and they were right, so not sure if yours will do the same?

I know it’s frustrating but from my experience of 3 rounds of natural modified ivf it really is importantly pick the right cycle to go off. Xx

Thank you! This is really helpful. Stay strong and wishing you some good news.

Good luck with trying again!xx


They found a huge cyst in me when doing a baseline scan and I had to wait overnight for the results of my blood test before they told me if I can continue with the cycle. Luckily it was a “functional” cycst, just full of blood and other crap. They allowed me to continue. If the cyst had it’s own hormone supply, which it sounds like yours does, I was told that the stim medication would grow to cyst not the folicals. I know you must be devastated at having your cycle cancelled but I am sure they know what they’re doing and they usually clear up after one period cycle. Try to stay strong.

Thank you for this precise reply! Would you have any indication on whether I am likely to ovulate naturally nevertheless or will the cyst also prevent or impair natural ovulation?

i'm not sure about this, sorry.

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How would they know if a cyst has it’s own hormone supply?

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They would know by doing a blood test for a certain hormone.

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