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4th Cycle - follicle sizes

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Hey ladies, I’ve been quiet for a few months as we had a short break from treatment but I hope you’re all well whatever stage you are at!! 🤗

Following a tough year last year with 3 miscarriages, we’re currently on day 11 of stims on our 4th IVF cycle (2nd fresh). Another monitoring scan tomorrow, but based on y’days follicle sizes we’re likely to be borderline ready tomorrow but more likely ready on Fridays scan. My fear is that our clinic do not do wknd egg retrieval’s so could we end up in a situation where they either try to do collection too early (Fri) or the other way - can your follicles then get too big and by Mon they’d be too large?!

Any experience of this situation would be much appreciated!! Given all we’ve gone through my anxiety levels are super high!! 😢 xxx

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Hi Leo I've been wondering how you are but didn't want to message incase you were having a break. I don't have any advice I'm afraid but I wanted to wish you lots of luck for this round I really hope it all works out for you this time. Lots of love ❤️ xxx

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Hi Penders, lovely to hear from you and so pleased to see all is going well for you - I hope you’ve been able to relax a little now and begin to believe it’s your time!! You so deserve this!! 🤗💗

Thank you, anxiety has totally taken over and I’m just terrified we’re going to end up with egg collection either too early or too late!! Can follicles get too big?! 🤔

Lots of love 💕 xx

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Penders in reply to Leo2017

The anxiety is still there but the further I get the more it seems real. How did your monitoring scan go? I'm not sure if they can be too big. Xx

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Leo2017 in reply to Penders

So glad your anxiety is slowly reducing, I hope you’re able to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!! 😊

Scanned again today, and confirmed ready for collection on Mon!! 11-12 follicles, so praying there’s some good quality eggs in there!! 🤞🏻xx

Hey Leo. Hope. Your retrieval went well!

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