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Thyroid problems and miscarriage?


I’m 4 week and 3 days and my tsh is 16.04. Normal range should be less than 2. My doctor has increased my dose to 125mg from 100mg of levothyroxine.

Dr said tsh is an average over 10 weeks. My ivf clinic didn’t test my thyroid and when I went to the gp they wouldn’t test it before treatment because I had tested in the last 6 months.

I feel so let down by the nhs and the private sector. I’m so concerned that the baby will stop developing. Is there anything more I can do? Last November baby stopped growing at 6w2days, they don’t know why.

What are my chances of miscarrying? My free t4 is 15.6.

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I'm really sorry, I don't know about thyroid problems but just wanted to send my best wishes and say I hope that you get some answers from your doctors soon x


Is it your clinic that have requested the increase or your GP? Have they requested follow up bloods in 4 weeks?

How are you feeling in yourself? The

Highest mine has ever been was 11 and that was before I was diagnosed, I was literally falling apart at that point.

I would question this with your clinic as I expect mine to request bloods just before each cycle, I am assuming you had known hypothyroidism going into your treatment?

Sorry for all the questions and hope you get it all sorted xx

I went to the doctors of my own accord to have my bloods done. The clinic didn’t mention anything about getting tested. The doctor said to get my bloods checked again in 4 weeks which I’m booked in for.

I’m feeling really tired but I had put that down to being pregnant. I’ve had hypothyroidism for 7 years now and told the clinic this and they didn’t order thyroid blood work.

I’m going to ring the epu this morning to see if I can speak to a midwife or doctor that perhaps have more experience treating pregnant women.

I’m so unbelievably worried about this. Xx

That’s very high!! A 25 increase won’t lower that fast enough I don’t think. Your t4 is good, but you must be symptomatic with a tsh of that. Please get back on the phone and get a second opinion, it is critical in the first trimester, I’ve been hypothyroid for a long time and after losses the day I found out I was pregnant I was sat in the doctors demanding an increase and my tsh at the time was under four. I don’t want to alarm you sweetheart but your right, that level is Too high.. please go back ❤️💕❤️💕❤️

Thanks for your reply. I have rang the early pregnancy unit and spoke to a midwife. She straight away told me that was high and that an increase of 25mg wasn’t going to be sufficient. She’s going to speak to the doctor and call me back with what dose I should be talking.

I spoke to three doctors at my practice. The first doctor said I didn’t need to increase unless my tsh was out. The second doctor said I had to increase before the bloods came back as a preemptive measure. The third doctor said an increase of 25mg was enough as increasing it anymore could have a detrimental effect on the growing baby.

I’m horrified at my practice and have lost total faith in any advice they have or will give me in the future.

😱 nightmare!! I was increased by 25 but my tsh was under four. Then I had two increases throughout pregnancy. To a resting dose to 150 mcg. I was referred to a endo specialist from 8 Weeks and she was fantastic. If you were hypothyroid before pregnancy you should get ab automatic referral. And your tsh is way out?? Well done for going back ❤️ you need to be pro active I find when it comes to thyroid,be badgering them for bloods every few weeks. I had up show my doctor the NICE guidelines that TSH needs to be under 2.5 Your TSH is high for a non pregnant person. It’s infuriating isn’t it!! I ended up leaving my doctors after he made a mistake with a folic acid prescription and I had been overdosing massively until the error was picked up by my midwife. Hopefully by the time you have your booking bloods the increase will show a difference. The good thing is, you have started increasing. 👍 try not to worry too much love, as stress doesn’t do you any good either ❤️❤️❤️

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