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Urgent question: Thyroid and FET

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Dear all,

I am aiming to do a 'semi-natural' FET this cycle (Ovitrelle + progesterone).

But: I was told by a new doctor to recheck my TSH, t4 and t3, as last year's result for TSH was borderline (2.65...). My clinic had not told me this was a problem. The results looked normal on paper (as up to 4 is ok if you are not ttc), so I did not suspect anything was wrong with it.

I will take the test this afternoon and the results will come back on Tuesday.

Problem is, my scan is on Monday morning, and depending on the results, I might have to inject Ovitrelle already on Monday, before knowing the results of the thyroid hormones tests.

Question, then: should I wait for the hormone test results before doing anything? It might be too late to inject Ovitrelle after they come in though... but hey, maybe that's what's needed.

As an aside: should I worry that the clinic (abroad), one year ago, when I gave them my preliminary test results if did here, did not say anything about my TSH level? I asked them about my TSH level twice already in the past week, and they have not gotten back - maybe because they realize they should have let me know?

Not fun... any advice welcome!! Thanks!! xxx

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Hi Vanna my thyroid was untested but I still got a bfp when it was 4. something. I was immediately put on Levothyroxine 25 and it came down v quickly! I have a blood test every 6 weeks to make sure my levels are normal. I can’t decide for you what’s best but medication can get it down easily and quickly. I would ask the question to the clinic? If it’s high, how quickly can it be brought down? Safe to go ahead with a transfer this month? Xxx

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Ah, ok!! You are once again my Angel!! Ok then, this is reassuring. The dr actually just got back (right as I my blood was being taken) saying that the TSH was ok, but that good to test it again since 12 months have passed. But now she has also added that I need to check Prolactin.. so off I will go to the hospital again next week. It never seems to end! But good to know there is a remedy if it is too high, I am breathing already better now ;-) A huge thank you once again! XXX

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It does get a bit much with all the scans and tests but it’s good to sort things out now 😉 Happy I could reassure you xxx

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Hi VannaGio. You will already know I'm sure, that thyroxine, produced by the thyroid gland is a hormone, so needs to be in balance the same as the other hormones. However, should there be a problem and you need to be put on a drug called Levothyroxine, it does "kick in" quite quickly, so You will probably find it will be OK to continue with your medication. Hope all goes well for you. Diane

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Thank you Diane!! This is reassuring, I need some of reassurance now indeed. You're a star!! Best wishes to you! VG.

Glad the clinic has gotten back to you! It's a pain that they didn't ask for both but best to get prolactin checked as it all goes in with the thyroid.....this was my main problem recently! Good luck.xx

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Quick update: TSH etc are normal, likewise for prolactin. The lining is better this month, without hormones, but not good enough... last month it was very good, but I ovulated too early, darn, so we missed the right timing. Anyway, hoping for good luck next month. So far then I can say I have been doing better without estradiol, but I am still not getting to the magical 8 mm or close to it... at least now I will have one full cycle where I feel normal, it has not happened in a while!

I hope things are good for you... thanks again lots for your replies and advice!

Very best wishes and good luck! xxx

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Ahhh that's a shame that you missed timings but good that you seem to be doing better with less drugs! All good with me, I should be looking at transfer around end of July so not long to go now!!xx

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Thanks!! And it was great to read that you got better... so fingers crossed for both of us! :-)

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