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Norethisterone during IVF


Hi ladies, i’ve not posted for a while, but i am please to say that after a long year of appts and investigations, i can officially say we start our first round of IVF this month. Our clinic had instructed me to take norethisterone 3 times a day from day 21 of this months cycle. I was just wondering of those of you that have taken it, how long did you take it for and after you’d stopped taking it how soon did you come on your period.

Thanks in advance. Xxx

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Hi Nickimidge. The others will tell you their experiences. However, it should be around 3-5 days - but as always these things can take a bit longer. huge luck with this cycle and hope all ends well for you. Diane

Thanks Diane!! Xxx

Hey Nikimidge, I was only on noretheristone for 6 days (1 tablet twice a day), i think my clinic put me on it so that my period would time in right for when they had appointments for scans. The day I stopped taking noretheristone, my period started and I had to go in for an early scan as they hadn't anticipated it starting 4 days earlier. Did you have side effects with the noretheristone? I've asked to never be put on it again. I was severely bloated, in so much pain with my period (sorry if tmi, bleeding lots) and throbbing headaches, luckily I wasn't on it long! xx

Hi Annie, thanks for the reply, i haven’t started taking it yet, i need to start on day 21. I’ve read that some peope have suffered whilst taking it, so i’m dreading it to be honest!!! Xx

I hope it's not that bad with you 🤞🏼I've never had such a bad experience with any other pill. Good luck with it xx

Hi Annie, thanks for the reply, i haven’t started taking it yet, i need to start on day 21. I’ve read that some peope have suffered whilst taking it, so i’m dreading it to be honest!!! Xx

Hi Nicki. I took 5mg if Norethisterone twice a day for 10 days. When I stopped taking them on the Friday it took me until the Tuesday to bleed (4 days) the clinic said it should take a couple.

On Wednesday while shopping I started flooding and was like that for about 3 hours. I rang the clinic and the doctor there want not helpful so I rang my GP and he said it’s common to have a withdrawal bleed like I experienced today. Wish my IVF Doctor has told me that! It may not happen to you but be prepared, anytime I do any activity I flood again, so I’m taking the proper NHS dr. Advice and resting up. Good luck with your cycle how many days to you start? Xx

That sounds absoloutly horrific, i hope your okay? I already have heavy periods, so i hope i don’t have the same problems your having.

I’m currently day 12, but, i don’t start the Norethisterone until day 21 of my next cycle. All i know is that i have to take 5mg 3 times a day but the clinic haven’t told me how many days to take it for, they said they’ll tell me when i ring up on day 1 of my next cycle. Good luck with your cycle. Are you on short or long protocol? Xxx

Thank you. Everyone’s reaction to the norethisterone is different. I feel being forewarned is being forearmed, I wouldn’t have felt so panicked if I was told about possible flooding. I’m doing the short protocol took my first menopur injection tonight and it was totally fine they really don’t hurt at all. What protocol are you doing? Xx

Thanks for the warning i’d rather be prepared than unprepared. I’m on short protocol aswell xxx

I took it three times a day but can't remember how long for - a week or ten days to induce a period after not having one in months due to PCOS. I had no side effects although my period was heavier and more painful than usual, this could just be because I'd only had a few after coming off the pill before pregnancy /miscarriage /PCOS woes and at that point hadn't had a period in 6 months! Don't worry I'm sure it'll be ok xxx

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