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Heya everyone. I’m about to start FET, waited for clinic to resume the treatment and now my period isn’t coming yet. I would like to ask anyone for advice on Norethisterone tablets, I am on day 2 as I am taking them to induce my period, please let me know what are the minimum days I need to take these tablets to induce menstrual cycle?

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Hi, I usually take them for 10 days and my period usually starts 3ish days after I stop (although can be up to 7) x

MagdaN in reply to Solly-44

Thank you for info. Nurse put me on 7 days. I thought that I can take them up to 5 days and after stop them I'll get my period

Hi. I took them for 10 days and i think period arrived on day 3 or 4 after my last pill. That cycle was my longest ever before starting my first ivf and (64 days total) and i think i was just mentally anxious or i just had the longest cycle ever by coincidence. Just try to finish them off i know its easy to say xx

MagdaN in reply to Mimisami

Thank you. I’ll follow nurse guidance to take them for up to 7 days because my second cycle after egg retrieval was very long. I think I’am very stressed too and contribute to that

I’ve taken them prior to ivf to delay my period. Started them on day 21 of my cycle. Ive taken them for 10 days on the first ivf cycle and 8 days on the second. Both times I had a bleed 3 days after the last tablet x

MagdaN in reply to Miracle43

I had to ask the nurse for an option to get the period to start FET, because last time the period was delayed by almost 1 month. She put me on them for up to seven days

I took them for 10 days, then waited about 4/5 days for my period. I feel you though, they’re such a pain and feel like waiting forever xxx

MagdaN in reply to Peanutchips

I have to take them for up to 7 days and wait for first day of bleeding. The waiting time stress me a lot. I try not to count the days and tablets anymore, perhaps will help me

Hi , i am in similar postition, i have had them b4 . i am prescibed twice a day for 7 days and told bleeding usually starts 2 to 5 days after stopping them . I dont know the minimum days but I presume you have been prescribed for a certain number of days . Really good luck x

I have them 3times a day for 7 days. I’ll take them as prescribed. Thank you xxx

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