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14weeks pregnant - high blood pressure at hospital and strong headaches


Hi I’m just over 14 weeks now and at my consultant appointment my blood pressure was high at 152/88. I do not like hospitals and it was very warm and stuffy in there as well as them running over 30 mins behind. I’m not on slow release Asprin until next appointment but I have really strong headaches that paracetamol, rest in a dark room and cold packs just won’t touch. Any advice on how to stay calm and relaxed at future appointments for blood pressure and any tips for headaches/migraines whilst pregnant? Hope you are all well and keeping positive!


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It might be worth you getting your own monitor from Boots/Tesco etc it might be that your blood pressure was temporarily high due to stress if you check at home when you are relaxed it might be different good luck with it x

jade1003 in reply to Autumnmoon

Thank you, will look at ordering one now

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Just to say my OH has to do his at home too because his blood pressure and heart rate are always through the roof at hospital due to anxiety.


I feel your pain Jade 😢 I’ve had horrendous daily migraines since 8 weeks and like you taken paracetamol when desperate, ice packs etc and nothing works. It’s our glorious hormones but touch wood they are calming down a bit and i’m 14 weeks now and 3 days. Fingers crossed it eases up for you and drink tonnes of water!! Hope you feel better ASAP xxx

I’ve taken the odd paracetamol for migraine. Mine are caused by tiredness but stop me sleeping- aargh! 4head stick is sometimes helpful, as is a hot shower beating down on my shoulders to help with tension. I know that’s not a miracle cure but just wanted you to know I feel your pain!

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