5 weeks pregnant and had a little blood

Please help ladies

I went to the toilet earlier and wiped some red blood. Next time I went there was just a little pink on the wipe.

Is this normal? I dont get my 1st scan till the 4th so I still have 12 days to wait.

We did have sex last night so could this cause an issue??

Sorry for tmi but all you ladies understand

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  • Hey I've seen plenty of people saying it happened and everything has gone on to be ok. Sex can be a cause also sometimes the pessaries but unfortunately it can just happen! Hope you're doing ok xx

  • Oh and it happened to me and everything is still going well xx

  • Thanks LHow81 thats reassuring.


  • Hi jamjar, any time I had spotting or bleeding, the first thing they ask is whether I'd had sex. So, yes, this can certainly be a cause. If it gets worse, they normally advise you to refrain from sex for a while.

  • Thanks Tlove will just have to refrain embie deffo more important xxx

  • I don't think you have to become celibate or anything, just until it calms down!

  • Hi JamJar sorry you've had a scare πŸ™ˆ I've read that sex can cause bleeding. Some clinics recommend waiting until 8 weeks but mine never told me anything so I had to google it. My poor hubby was not happy πŸ˜‚ I'm sure it's that but there's no harm in calling someone for reassurance!

    My scan is the 4th too 😬 Feels like a lifetime away doesn't it!!! 😍 x x x

  • My clinic never told me anything either and I never googled it. Yes the 4th deffo seems a lifetime and mine is at 2pm wish it was sooner

    fingers crossed for us both xxxx

  • I think they're a bit too prudish to talk about it in our hospitals?! Haha

    Mine is at 7.15am!! I'm awake at 4am every morning at the minute... Bet that's the day I sleep in!!! x x x

  • I seem to be waking up every morning now around 4.30 or there abouts. wish mine was at 7.15am

    keep us posted MommaBear16 xxxx

  • How are you today jamjar? x x x

  • I'm ok I guess was no more blood yesterday but I had again this morning. Clinic not concerned and said I should take another pregnancy test next week. Keep taking the pessaries and fingers crossed I guess


  • Well that sounds positive if they're not concerned and it was a one off. I would think it was related to your nighttime activities ;) Thinking of you, will soon be scan day! x x x

  • The hospital I go to, they always use the term 'intercourse', perhaps they think that sounds less crude! 😊

    Good luck both of you with your scans.

  • Hi, I had 3 scares off blood and I'm now 22 weeks pregnant after my first IVF round. It also happened twice after sex so try not to worry (I know easier said than done)

  • Thanks Bumble it's good to hear this here is hope for our little embie yet xx

  • Hope everything is ok? How are you today xx

  • So far it's ok feeling a little better about things today got nothing else but get on with it and keep everything crossed xx

  • Positive thoughts lovely xxx

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