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Treatment plan appointment anxiety

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Hi all,

I have my treatment plan appointment on Tuesday and should start meds just before Xmas. I’m excited to get started but the thought of the appointment has me terrified, to the point where I’m not sleeping well and waking up stressed. I think it’s because I know that it’s all over for trying naturally and the anticipation of what’s to come. I’m particulalry nervous about the potential moods swings over Xmas as I’m hosting. Anyone else felt like this? How did you deal with it? I realise it’s not in my best interests to get so worked up...


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Hi Apples, I remember feeling quite upset when we had our appointment to pick up meds for our icsi cycle, I think that like u it was just confirming it was over for trying naturally, up until that point I'd always hoped it would just happen. As far as the meds go I didn't have any mood swings on them, hopefully u won't either. I will be going through FET over Christmas so not really looking forward to all the meds and trying to make excuses for no alcohol. But hopefully it'll all be worth it and we'll both get our bfps in new year. I know it's hard not to stress, but just try to take 1 step at a time and u will be fine, good luck xox

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Thank you. Can’t get rid of the feeling that there’s something else wrong and this is all going to be for nothing. I’ll have a chat to them tomorrow. Wishing you all the best for your FET. Fingers crossed for good news in the new year. Take care xx

Hey hey.

Exactly same here. Just started my last period before the medication. I was quite hopeful for another outcome but af showed again. I will call my clinic tomorrow and book all my appointments for January and im starting Norethisterone aroind Xmas...

The anxiety is real, like you said you can now realise that that's it you will go through the whole process and no more hoping for a natural conceiving.

I've been quite anxious recently, excited, scared all these mixed emotions. I think deep inside i thought once i sign up for ivf i will get pregnant before i start everything. It's not how it works isnt it?

We will get there, we will fight with the mood swings, with all the side effects and the outcome will be great. Don't forget youare not alone and seems we are going through the same and will have our cycles at the dame time. Keep smiling and keep positive and if you feel like talking im here and so all the other lovely ladies on the site. Xxz 😍😍😍😍😅❤❤

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It’s so weird, what you’ve said is exactly how I feel. I genuinely believed it would happened before we started ivf and I’m struggling that it hasn’t. I think part of me is also scared there is something else wrong and this might all be for nothing.

Thank you for such kind words. Wishing you all the best with treatment. Fingers crossed for positive news in the New Year. Xx

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Hi Apples. Just waned to wish you well for tomorrow. I;m sure the nurse will be lovely, you can do it! Thinking of you. Diane

Thank you so much. X

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