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Natural FET - No follicles yet, is it normal?

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Hi Ladies,

hoping to have a natural FET this month but not sure it's going to happen :(

AF started last monday evening , but didn't have the heavy flow I usually do on day 1, much lightler and it was more brownish than red. No more spotting from Friday, so short as well.

Went in for a scan today, my lining was at 6mm but my ovaries were quiet, no follicles.

I asked the nurse if it was a bad sign, but she was in a hurry and only said that it may be too early in my cycle and to come back on Thursday for the next scan to see if there is a folli or not. She didn't say anything about the lining.

The past 3 months my cycles were about 28days with what seemed to be ovulation around day 14. So I'm hoping that maybe it was too early to see a follicle , but because the lining is already 6mm I'm worried it's all gone wrong this cycle.

I know everyone is different but would any of you who had a natural FET can say more about their timeline? Thanks in advance XX

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Hi love, I’m also doing natural FET and started AF same day as you. My first scan is Thursday so perhaps the one today is too early. Am nervous to start to be honest! Meant to be healthy eating but just stress ate 2 slices of cake and now have to hide box of chocolates someone bought me...

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Yes I m hoping it was too early.

My cycles used to be 25 days until my lap in March, it s longer since ... so i m hoping that everything will be fine. Supposed to be less stressful 🙈🤔 not sure about that...

Thought the same for healthy eating but i ve been good for all my cycles and never had a BFP... so without going too crazy I did have some pavlova over the weekend and some ice cream last night 🍨.... dont think that s going to change much and keeps us sane 🤪

Good luck to you xx

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