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Natural FET - Update


Hi Ladies,

So I had my mid cycle scan this morning to see if we are able to go ahead with a natural FET.

So far so good! My lining is at 7.5 and they are looking for it to be over 7, so good start & I have a lead follicle that is growing nicely!

They have booked me in for Friday to make sure all is developing but the nurse thinks I will be ready to go - so transfer will be next week sometime! Ekk!!

I was very nervous this morning, felt sick with nerves but feeling more positive now just hope nothing changes from now until Friday.

She did say to do ovulation tests for today, tomorrow and Friday am and if I get a surge to call them and advise.

Anyone got any tips of the better brand to get or does it not matter?

I feel a bit out of touch with all that as we've not needed them for a long time! haha

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Clearblue digital. Not the ones that show peak etc just the one that give a smiley face for a positive. Our clinic gave us some for a fet and they’re so easy I haven’t used anything else since xx

JB1988 in reply to Tugsgirl

thanks hun! I thought it would be clearblue but wanted some others opinions as I havent used them in so long x

Hidden in reply to JB1988

Yes I agree with Tugsgirl - the clearblue without the peak is the best one!

JB1988 in reply to Hidden

thanks hun x

I would definitely second clear blue, they're so easy to read. Best of luck with your treatment x

JB1988 in reply to LegoBatgirl

Thanks hun xx

Agreed with the others on the brand. So exciting that you are at this stage. I really hope all goes well and have my fingers crossed for your bfp in a few short weeks xxx

JB1988 in reply to Camillage

Thank you, much appreciated.

I just hope it all carries on going well and transfer happens!

Hopefully this one will be our sticky bean x

No advice bit wishing you loads of luck!!xx

JB1988 in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks hun, much appreciated xx

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