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Modified natural fet and no scans???

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Had a phone call yesterday with clinic to go through a timeline of our fet cycle. She went through it and there where no scans so I said “no scans” she replied that I had one last month to check how my lining was around cd21 so it would be up to consultant if I had a scan during fet.

Is this normal? Someone’s just replied to my post and had a few scans during her fet. She also had a natural fet.

Anyone know any reason I wouldn’t be scanned? Would they only be checking lining? So confused now 🥴

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Hi, I had atleast 4 scans from start of medications to transfer. They used the scans to up and down my meds. I find it a bit strange to have none xxx

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Fudge1980 in reply to Boo718

Sorry I should of explained I am having a modified natural fet so up to now only progesterone. If that makes any difference? I had 3 scans last month because they found a giant cyst which I had drained. They checked my lining each time and said it was great at each stage of cycle. So confused by no scan!xx

I always had scans while I was on medication for FET. All I can say is that even if you are using the same protocol as you previous transfer or for ERA test, your body can react differently each month. Also as the other lady mentioned your dosages needs to be adjusted sometimes. They need to check your lining and your ovaries, that is all...takes exactly 5 min. Good luck with your transfer 🙂❤️

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Fudge1980 in reply to Ranchu90

I should of wrote I am having a modified natural fet cycle. If that makes a difference? The only medication they have said up to now is progesterone. But surely there would need to be a scan at some point?!?!?! So confused xx

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Ranchu90 in reply to Fudge1980

To be honest it shouldn't much difference, the lining needs to be checked anyway. Also they have to monitor your ovulation 🤔 on natural FET. I am not an expert and never had a natural FET, but this is what I think is the right way. Otherwise you have to trust them, they know what they are doing. Call your clinic again and ask for more details..🤞

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Fudge1980 in reply to Ranchu90

I was stunned myself. It’s definitely something I will be asking! Seems strange to me. Surely they can’t just go off a positive ovulation test 🥴 thank you for taking them to respond xx

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Ranchu90 in reply to Fudge1980

I would suggest to call them when you are closer to your ovulation and tell that you are not sure if your ovulation test is positive or not so you would like to have a scan for reassurance. Be tricky, don't let them always choose for you. You paid is your right, customer is the king.

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Fudge1980 in reply to Ranchu90

Lol thank you! I am definitely not as pushy when it’s the unknown. Your right I will phone and ask all my concerns!xx

Hi Fudge, I’m having a natural FET next month and no scans here too, hope that makes you feel better and not alone 😊 I have had both natural and medicated FET in the past and only had scan with medicated. My clinics positive results are the same for medicated and natural. I totally agree it’s a little disconcerting having no scans, but just think they have done it hundreds of times before and if they had poor results they would have modified their protocols 💕 good luck 💕

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Fudge1980 in reply to Beechnut1

Thank you lovely. That definitely settles me! Wishing you loads of luck for your cycle 🤞🏼💕

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Sdegirl_09 in reply to Beechnut1

Hi. Sorry to jump on. We are waiting to go through FET in the coming months. What is the difference between natural and medicated protocols? We have a call with our clinic soon and want to understand the difference so I can question what protocol they are putting me on. Thanks

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Fudge1980 in reply to Sdegirl_09

From what I understand although someone will be able to explain better than me lol. Natural is ok if you ovulate and your lining is good normally. Medicated is if they need to help with thickening your lining and such. I think medicated is slightly longer protocol but not by much. That’s the best I can explain 🥴 please someone else explain in better terms…..xx good luck with your fet 🤞🏼💕

I’m just about to start my medicated FET. Mine is due to having pcos and not having regular periods. If you have a regular consistent cycle then natural will be fine for you but as I don’t know if/when I ovulate they need to down regulate it and effectively stop your ovaries so they can build up your lining using medication etc so transfer goes ahead on a typical cycle day. Hope that makes sense. Also my clinic told me I would actually need more scans with a natural cycle as opposed to medicated because they don’t really know what is going on when they aren’t controlling it. Each clinic is different but I would definitely query it. Good luck xx

Hi have had both a medicated and natural FET and only scans with the medicated… well other than the one they do when actually transferring the egg. Hope that gives you a bit of peace of mind.

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Fudge1980 in reply to Notebook84

Thank you! Yes settles my mind more 💕

Hi Fudge, I have had medicated and two natural FET. Regardless of medicated or natural, the clinic scan to see if I'm ovulating and check my lining. So they track follicle size, then when close to ovulation (17mm) they get me to do opk tests. Once I'm close to 10mm lining they are happy to report my surge (without scan) and book in my transfer. So I think it is important you know your lining is good and that your body is definitely ovulating. I know some women have false surge readings with pcos for instance! Good luck x

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Fudge1980 in reply to Masief

Thanks lovely. I am thinking it’s down to clinic and each persons fertility. I had a couple of scans last month because I suffer pretty big cysts so thought it was best to check before we even start. Good job I did because I’ve just had a giant cyst drained 1.2ltrs 😳 so they checked my lining 3 times at different stages of my cycle and said it was great. Maybe this is why they don’t feel the need to check it? I am going to ask them again though.xx

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Masief in reply to Fudge1980

Yeah each clinic will have their own approach! I know some clinics say that if you were trying naturally then you wouldn't check liming etc. But for your own peace of mind if they can offer a scan/s to see things are moving in the right direction you feel everything has been optimal for that transfer! In the end, the transfer going well is all that matters xx

Hi, I had a modified natural FET in August. Had to ring on CD1 and then just one scan on CD11. Embryo transfer was CD20. Started cyclogest 4 days before the embryo transfer. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant 😊. It was all very easy, especially compared to full IVF and I’m really glad I went for a natural.

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Fudge1980 in reply to Vic2108

Congratulations 🥰❄️ Yes seems very laid back and less invasive compared to a fresh cycle!

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Vic2108 in reply to Fudge1980

Thanks 😊. I was really worried I’d miss the ovulation window and they would transfer at the wrong time but as long as your cycles are regular and you lining is the right thickness / pattern I think it’s got really good success rates 👍🏻. Good luck for your transfer 🍀

I had a scan when I tried natural FET and it showed my lining wasn’t think enough so had to change onto a medicated FET. However, it sounds like they have seen how your lining develops from previous scans. I imagine if your lining in usually okay, they don’t feel the need to scan? Good luck xxx

Thankyou lovely 💕xx

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