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When is it safe to announce pregnancy?


Hi all, just wanted some advice from other ladies. I’m currently 12 + 2 weeks pregnant. I have my NHS dating scan on Monday. I have already had a few private scans where the baby has been doing great. Providing everything is still great on Monday, do you think it’s safe to share our news? We have waited for our time for so long and we just want to shout it from the rooftops but understandably I am very cautious. What have others done?

Thank you in advance and happy Friday! XxX

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Im yet to get my bfp, but ive always said id wait until 6 months, which i know is far too long. I think its totally up to you but it seems as if everything is going fine so why not announce it now, as im sure you cant wait to get it out😜😜 congratulations xx

Congrats on your pregnancy. I said to myself if my pregnancy sustains, (on an ivf journey) I would wait for at least 5or 6 months before I told people. But thats just my choice. If you feel ready to, then do tell others. I think its a personal choice. X

I told everybody on the day of my 12 week scan I couldn’t hold it in anymore. It was so scary finally sharing the news but exciting. Good luck with what you decide xx

Hi I’ve told my friends and family I’m only 6 weeks makes no odds to me I mc my last at 12 weeks I needed their support I was off work a week they knew then too. I hadn’t Facebook announced or with this one not even sure I’m going too.

Hi hun


I'm 13 weeks tomorrow. We had our scan on Wednesday and everything was fine. I've told some of the people that we are closest too and will tell a few more people this weekend. Like you I want to shout it from the roof tops but I am not ready for a big announcement - FB type of thing. A lot of people who haven't done IVF wait until the 12 week scan and then announce. I'm sure you will know when the time is right - enjoy xxx

I shared it after our dating scan but not on social media.

Before my miscarriage at 11 weeks I'd told some close friends and my family at 8 weeks which I don't regret. Decided next time I'll tell my manager /HR probably after our 6 week scan as they've been so supportive and you are more projected from discrimination, redundancy if they know, but not tell other colleagues until I'm showing. And friends /family - just don't know!

There is no safe time so do whatever you feel comfortable with x

Hey, congratulations on your pregnancy! My mum & dad knew from 8 weeks, and we told my husbands parents at 12 weeks. Other than that we didn't tell anyone else until after 20 week scan. I did tell my boss at 15 weeks but only cos I was beginning to show. Other people in work, and some close friends just guessed. We had a mc last year at 12 weeks so we didn't want to tell anyone until it was totally necessary. I will not share on Facebook at all. As others say it really is personal choice xx


Congratulations 😁 It's completely personal choice but a lot of people wait until at least 12 weeks. A lot of our close family and friends knew really early as they knew we were having treatment, but I'll start to tell everyone else once I've had my 12 week scan on Wednesday. Do whatever makes you comfortable x


Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Personally I don't really get the waiting to tell with close friends and family as they're the ones you'll lean on for support if something goes wrong. There's a stigma around discussing infertility and loss. Do what's right for you. Massive congratulations xxx.

So I’m 20weeks and 2 days pregnant and I’ve only told my work. I’m planning on telling my family on father’s day. My husband and I wanted to keep it a secret for as long as possible even tho wanting to shout from the roof tops too. Just always worried and thinking the worst it’s personal choice I just couldn’t of handled the conversations if anything did go wrong

But good luck on whatever you decide I’m sure you will be fine xx

You can tell people when ever you want, people who new about my ivf knew when I tested about 4 people then 12 week scan told close family and my best friend, then everyone else after my 20 week scan x

hi, megad26 congrats on ur pregnancy. i am so happy to know about it. I pray that all go well .i can understand that you have waited .for this great news. I shared the news with some of the close friends of mine after 3 months. but I kept it secret for others for about 8 months .but it was my decision ur a wise lady its total up to u .i know u would be very excited when u came to know about the news . but just try to keep this news secret a little bit hope this surprise will be a pleasant one for all of the ur family .i know ur feeling so excited to tell this news to others. but I think so u should wait for a little. all the best wishes for u .stay blessed .takecare of urself. All will be fine .may u be blessed with cute angel soon. Take care sweetheart

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