Made it through the first 12 weeks of pregnancy :-)

Made it through the first 12 weeks of pregnancy :-)

Hi everyone, we had our 12 week scan on Monday and everything is going good.....we even got to see the baby kicking. It was so amazing...even more because we thought it would never happen to us!!! We're actually 13+1 weeks today which is 5 days more than our original chuffed.....thank god for ivf xxxxx

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  • Amazing.... I can't begin to imagine how good you're feeling! I'm hoping for myself xx

  • Well done Emmy and congratulations xxxx

  • Hi Emmy , so pleased for you, when I went had my scan at 9 weeks, the baby was flapping its little arms and legs it was so amazing, as I didn't think you saw any movement until 16 weeks, and heard the heatbeat. I have had severe sickness, so was so pleased with the scan making it worthwhile. Keep in touch. Xx

  • I'm so glad your scan went well pammi, I had to lay on my side to get a half decent pic.....the baby was upside down and facing back so couldn't see a thing :-D Havent got to hear the heart beat yet so looking forward to that.....hope your feeling better soon xxx

  • ah such a sweet pic!! congrats to you girl, keep us updated

  • emmy, do u have 1 or two babies? did u get an option at the embryo transfer on how many embryso can be transplanted

  • Hi Shirley, we only had one embryo transferred.....they didnt give us the option but I personally only wanted bf wanted two....he was hoping we'd have twins :-D. We ended up with two embryos so the other one is frozen for the time being xxx

  • ok great! thanx for thr reply. hope all goes well with u. mwuah!

  • Congratulations Emmy

  • Congrats to you!! I have just got our BFP on Saturday, first time ivf too so fingers crossed we get a fab picture like u soon...did u take cyclogest pessaries? I am and they have given me constipation. My clinic said to take lactalose which works ok is but I am having tummy aches...both say cramps as a side effect and my mum reckons I may have trapped wind too...did you get any of this early on? We had 2 put back on clinic advice, I am 35,tall and we agreed could cope with twins if they came along. I am trying not to worry but we were pregnant last year naturally and had an early loss. Anyway, hope u don't mind me asking. Or anyone else who may see this, thanks, xx

  • Hi rabbits, CONGRATULATIONS on your BFP, that's amazing news!! Sorry about ur loss last year :-(

    I did use the cyclogest for just over 12 weeks and also suffered constipation, major bloating and really bad trapped wind...felt like a heart attack....which was scary stuff, I also suffered hyperstimlation which was horrible!!! It cleared after a few weeks and was so worth it. It got so annoying having to them twice a day but I just kept saying to myself that they were helping our baby stick :-) I feel great hang on in there. How long until you have ur first scan? It would be amazing to see 2 baby's xxx

  • Thanks for that reassurance, I am really hoping the pains are trapped wind like u day...has actually been a lot better today. Did wonder if being back on my feet all day at school has helped move things around...tho still got the wind! At the moment the clinic advise taking the cyclogest up to week 9. We have got our 7wk scan on 17th feb, is perfect as I am on half term hols so no need to have to ask for time off..horrible for you to have the hyperstimulation too...sounds horrid. Glad to hear you are feeling better, hope it continues. I feel really tired today, think it is more the shock of returning to work after 2 and a half weeks off rather than early pregnancy!! Anyway, love an early night to off to bed soon. Thanks again for your reply xx

  • Hiya, just to say we saw two heartbeats today!!! Was the most nerve wracking thing I have ever been through in my life! Was shaking. I have had dreadful nausea, almost constant for past two weeks. Luckily I'm on half term so lots of resting.been going to bed at 8 ish most are u feeling?? Are u now 15 weeks?? We've got another scan in two weeks at 9 to see how the smaller one is progressing xx

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