Our second scan :-)

Our second scan :-)

I haven't been on here for a couple of days.....what with Xmas, left everything to last minute so been really busy. We had our last scan at the IVF clinic on Monday and our blob looks a little like a baby.....it's gone from 9.2mm to 20.6mm !!! We're really happy that it's growing well :) We've got an appointment with midwife on Monday.....seems real now lol MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone, hope you all have a great day today xxxxx

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  • Happy for you and enjoy your Christmas!!!!

  • Just amazing Emmy, new everything would be ok for you. lots of hugs to you and your baby xxx

  • aw!!! so cute!! congrats huni, this new year is goodluck for u. and i hope it brings u good luck through put the year. merry xmas n happy new year.

  • This is such a fab post and something that gives us all hope. So happy for you. We are going to see a fertility specialist in January. Not sure what to expect as only at beginning of this journey but positively my first round of bloods have come back ok so fingers crossed. Thank you again Emmy for sharing your story. All the best

  • Congratulations :) love a happy ending xx

  • Congratulations Emmy, happy Christmas!! Xxx

  • Thanks guys and good luck to everyone trying to get pregnant......we never thought it would happen to us....sometimes you just need that little bit of help. Let's hope the new year brings lots of positive pregnancy tests xxxxx

  • Many congrats! Lovely to see positive post x

  • Wow, looks great, the best Christmas present ever. Xx

    Ps I also have my first appointment with midwife on Monday . Good luck

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