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When to expect ovulation


Sorry if this is too much detail but I've had some small amounts of stretchy cervical mucus over the last couple of days but so far ovulation strips aren't showing a surge and I don't think I'll get my surge until next Monday or Wednesday which will be day 14-16 from my last bleed. I keep reading that stretchy mucus is a sign of ovulation so I'm just confused as to when we should be trying. Me and my partner are tiring of trying due to the pressure and length of time we have been trying so even though it's great advice to try every couple of days I just want to know my window do the dead and get prego I swear all this business is enough to put me of getting giggy in the afternoon bedroom for the rest of my life arrrrrr - can you let I'm frustrated xxx

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Oh Hun I can totally relate to your post! It's so annoying when your meant to do the deed at certain times of the month! It caused a massive strain on my relationship with my husband and we would often argue about this. It's not possible to do it every 2 days!! Well it wasn't in my case! Sperm can live up to 5 days even if you ovulate by next Monday/Tuesday you could even do the deed tomorrow and Sunday so I'm sure it will be ok! The white mucas is a indication of high fertility. Good luck! But don't think your the only one that's bad arguements about doing the deed at certain times! And it's also annoying when people say "relax" 😂😂😂

Best wishes! ✌️

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Thanks nde1987 you've made me feel better. I'm trying not to put the pressure on my hubby feel a bit sorry for guys at times but I know we've all been there I know I've just got to chill out a bit xxx

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Your not alone Hun! Good luck xxx

Hi there,

It won't happen if you just try forcefully even though you have no mood. Twice a week is enough as sperm can survive between 5_7dsys.

If your cycle is regular and of 28 days, ovulation should happen on 14 but nevertheless it's changes if the length of your cycle changes.

I would suggest don't read much about it. Most of the ovulation kits are rubbish and no reliable results and good one are expensive which really worked for me.

Best way to check whether ovulation is happening is blood test.

Don't get frustrated, that gives you less chances of getting natural pregnancy.

I pray for you.

Good luck for everything.

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Thanks sara yeah my cycle is pretty much 28 days so I know it's too early yet it just throws me with the mucus and then it's gets a bit of obsessive thinking I don't want to miss out, you are so right though I need to stop with the dr Google!! Thanks for getting me what I need to hear xx

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