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Has anyone else found Menopur stings?


Hi everyone. We have just started our second cycle of IVF and this time ive been put on Menopur. Ive found it really stings. When putting the needle in its fine but as soon as i inject it really stings which continues to sting for a good hour or so. Hi suppose it kinda feels like being stung by a wasp. Has any one else experienced the same as im worried incase its a bit of an alergic reaction as i didnt really have an issue with the previous cycle.

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Hi there, I do remember it stinging me too when I used menopur last year xx

I'm on menopur just now I've not had any stinging. I've heard some people say if the menopur is cold it will sting a bit, but not sure about that. Irritation is always listed as a side effect of injections so I'm sure its nothing to worry about. but might be worth a quick call to your clinic to check.

Good luck!

Hi I had my first injection today and it defo stung I was really unsure about if we was doing it right but keeping thinking it will past.


I'm sure that I got told to massage or rub my leg straight after injection , I know it sounds werid but it does help 😊

Thank you for your comments. Sounds like its just one of the side effects. At least i dont need to worry about it now.

Yes I remember my nurse telling me not to worry if it stings for an hour or so after abdctgat it is completely normal. I found I ivf the area first (ice block in a tea towel) helped and then massaging after. Good luck xxx

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